Thursday, February 11, 2010

problem solvers

hola :)

so the title's kind of tacky, eh?

it's early. i don't function right in the morning.

corrector concealer. this palette is especially good because it has four different shades. the nude shades you can use as regular concealer, but the green concealer is great if you have acne, because it tones down the red, and the lilac is perfect if you have some yellow undertones in your skin. plus, this is only $3! elf (eyes lips face) is could buy the whole collection without going broke.

white eye pencils. if you apply it to the inner corner of your eye, it makes you look a whole lot more awake. i swear to god, i go through sticks of this stuff during finals. just make sure that you use a good quality one, because you don't want to be putting cheap stuff in your eyes. bad scene.

ridge filler. one of my biggest pet peeves is those annoying little ridges on my nails underneath nail polish. this stuff by essie lasts a long time, and fixes the problem. if $8 is too much for you, i'm pretty sure ulta brand makes their own for a couple of bucks cheaper, though i'm not sure how it works.

lip shimmers. you know what's annoying? when you put something on your lips for color, and it feels like it's just sitting on top of them, and weighs a million pounds. of course, good ol' burt has a solution. this stuff is basically tinted chapstick- i know a bunch of companies make things like this, but i can honestly say that this is the best that i've tried. it's moisturizing, and no matter what color you choose, it looks super natural.

eye enhancers. admit it. we all have those kinds of days where it's like 'god, nothing matches my clothes'. that's why i love this stuff. physician's formula put together all of the colors that best complement certain eye colors (this is the brown eye one, but they have sets for blue, green, and hazel as well) in one little palette. this is the smokey eye set, but they also make a little more natural bronzed one. definitely pick this stuff up