Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RANDOM ROUNDUP: wishes, disses, and just plain blaaah

happy tuesday lovelies :)

so i'm thinking about doing a post later on this week about fashion week. any objections?

i seriously think i need to change this title. in all of my posts, i've never dissed anything yet...

forever 21- $10.80

how cute is this dress? off the top of my head, i can think of at least ten ways to wear this. plus, there's no way you can beat the price. reason 109 of why i love f21...

forever 21- $28.80

so it's february. and it's 'not practical' to buy this now. pshh. it's so incredibly cute. i think i've seen something a lot like it on a runway. of course, it was much more expensive. but this kind of a dress is just fun to have- even if you don't wear it a lot, it'll make you smile every time you see it in you closet :)

sephora- $34

aaah. i need this. i really want to try out laura mercier makeup, it's just that it's so expensive! this looks like a good buy, though, because you can try a little of almost everything. that's why i love value sets like this.

yay! i love ohno! make us proud :)

god do i love this collection. the clothes are just so fun and absolutely stunning! they're those kinds of pieces that actual people could wear. how about that?