Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Must Haves for Your Fall Wardrobe (American Eagle- Tops)

A bunch of you have asked me to do a must haves collection for my favorite stores. Since I love so many stores, and the clothes they have, I had to divide it into many parts. Here's the first!Graphic scoop-necks are absolutely essential

Animal prints are very in this season. Who never liked tiger print, anyways?

Bold tops can really flatter your figure if you're on the larger side
Necklace shirts are very in, and I think they're just so cute!

Embellished tanks are a great thing to have because you can layer them so many different ways. They're also all over the runway

Another great example of an embelished tank.

Plaid is this season's must have print. Ruffles never hurt anyone too...

Perfect for layering over a graphic t'

Also good for layering
Cable neck sweater's are great to have because you can layer them with different tanks. Great for the later fall months

How gorgeous is this cardigan?
I love the color combination of navy blue and white

This cardigan is adorable

I'm not a huge fan of logo t's, but I thought this one was cute

It's true...:)

Now, isn't this pretty?!

Transforming Your Summer Wardrobe to Fall: Dresses

So most of you guys have summer dresses left over from, um, summer, right? Well, I'm going to show you some simple ways to wear those dresses in fall while still staying warm! All of the dresses are from Forever 21's Heritage 1981 line.
This dress is a perfect example of a dress that you can wear in any season! For fall, pair it with a cardigan of any color (I'm partial to gray, though). Use some silver pumps for a cute look, and complete the look with a nice silver clutch. For accessories, a statement necklace would look great.
I absolutely adore floral prints. The one thing you have to be careful about is when you wear it in the fall. Any designer will tell you that loud floral prints are saved for summer- quieter prints are perfect for fall. I chose this one because the colors aren't too bright, and the pattern isn't too busy. Pair it with a white t'shirt underneath and some medium wash skinny jeans for a cute look. Use some gladiators or boots for shoes. For accessories, use either long necklaces or bangle bracelets- not both!

Adorable dress, right? To carry this look into the fall, I would wear it with some tights or footless tights. If you're feeling bold, you can use some colored ones, but I think just some plain black footless tights would work beautifully. I would throw on a cardigan too- you decide, black, blue, white, red...the possibilities are endless! As for shoes, this is your opportunity to dress up or dress down the look. Pair it with Converse or flats for a more casual look, or stilettos or pumps for a look perfect for a night out. Accessorize with a large clutch and some long necklaces.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Request- My Style Icon (Amy Juergens) : Check out these looks!

Here, a pink shirt is dressed up with a simple white lace cami underneath, and a black racerback vest. Everyone should have a vest in their closet this season- it's a must have. Try Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 for the scoopneck, American Eagle or Forever 21 for the cami, and Forever 21 for the vest.

This is such a simple outfit, but it's still looks great. American Eagle has a lot of sweaters like this one- just be sure to pair a white cami underneath.

Is this not the cutest tank ever or what? Pair it with a scoop neck with a cami underneath, and you'll have a simple outfit that will look simply stunning. For a unique tank like this, try Urban Outfitters, and try American Apparel for the scoop neck.

This has got to be one of my favorites! I love that she took something as bold as the tank, and then added another level of layering to it by pairing a high neck tank underneath the red one. Can we say creative?! Check out your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls for a fun tank like that one, Gap or Forever 21 for a cardigan, and H&M for some good high neck tanks

The most famous Amy look for obvious reason. This is a great way to use up those summer tanks that you have lying around. Check out those shoes- aren't they just adorable? You can use the same cardigan from the look above, get a cami from Forever 21, some jeans from wherever you like, and some fun shoes from Charlotte Russe.

This look is so unique, and in my opinion, that's what makes it look so great. We all have cute summer dresses- why not make them school appropriate by pairing them with a cute floral blouse? Finish the look with some skinny jeans and flats, and you'll have a drop dead gorgeous outfit. Try Forever 21 for the dress, Gap or Urban Outfitters for the blouse, and get the jeans from wherever you think have the best pairs.

I'm loving this look because that white dress thing she has is so gorgeous! I have one of those, which I bought from Forever 21 a couple of months ago. Here, it's paired with a pink and purple striped top that adds a nice contrast to the lacyness of the dress. Like I said, I found a dress thing very similar to this at Forever 21, and I've seen an almost identical striped shirt at Old Navy.

How adorable is this look? Here, Amy pairs a blue sweater vest with a pink tank top underneath, and a long flowy brown top. She accessorizes it with a wooden heart necklace. This is such a great look, and it's so easy to put together! Try Urban Outfitters for the brown top, Forever 21 for the tank, and Marshalls or TJ Maxx for the vest.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to Customize Your School Uniform

Now that school's started and everything, I've decided to do a little piece on how to make your school uniform something very 'you'!


Take some inspiration from Gossip Girl and pair bright tights underneath your skirt. Another cute look is to pair some floral tights (trend alert!) underneath your skirt. Can we say savvy?


Try some cute tortoise ones for a preppy look, or pair a polka dot one for something a tad more different. Either way, don't let something as versatile as a headband go to waste!


I think that most uniform-wearers don't understand how close of a friend jewelry should be for them! Statement necklaces look gorgeous with those hideous sweater vests that we have to wear!

Mastering Layering

Now that fall's here, it's time to gear up that summer wardrobe for cooler autumn days. My favorite way to do that? Layering!


This season, scarves are everwhere! Heavier scarves look great with a pea coat, but how about that lightweight one that you wore all summer, and you just don't want to let go of? Pair it with a cute v-neck with a cami underneath, throw on a vest and some light wash jeans, and you have a great look, perfect for fall!


It's just a tad bit too chilly to wear your tanks on their own, but fortunately, there are a million ways to layer them! Try wearing them under cardigans, under v-necks, or over plain t'shirts. Tube tops pulled out under plain t's also look especially cute!


One thing that you should have this season is a good pair of tights. You can wear them under dresses, skirts, or even shorts. Floral tights are very in right now, and look adorable under tunics and dresses. Revisit that 70s trend of leg warmers, and pair them with skirts or dresses on colder days.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Forever 21's Outfit 'Critique"

I, for one, think that this is a great look. The vest is adorable, and so are those shoes! I'm also loving the necklace and those jeans too. Faux fur is very in on the runway, and this is a good affordable way to wear it!

I love every single thing about this look- except for the hat. I think it just takes away from the niceness of the outfit. The dress is one of the best that I've ever seen in Forever 21, and I think I just have to go and get that jacket! The shoes are okay, but the hat looks like a piece of mold growing on her head

I'm not a huge fan of this look, but that's probably because I'd never be able to pull it off. The one thing I just don't like is that hoodie vest thing- it's just not working with me. Those leggings, though, are to die for. Those shoes aren't bad either....

This is a really great outfit because it's just so different from what everyone's wearing! I love that the shirt is really loose, but then it becomes very fitting on the bottom half, so it's a nice contrast. The statement necklace is gorgeous, and so are those shoes!

Very nice! I think that this is a good way to use that sweater that your aunt knitted for you, but you'd never wear out in public... The motorcycle jacket is a nice touch because those are all the rage on the runway, and it kind of matches the sweater. Which reminds me- don't actually buy the sweater, because it's not a must have, but it's a good way to use that kind of a sweater if you just happen to have one lying around. The jeans are really nice, but I'm not loving the color of the shoes...

Very cute! I'm liking the floral dress because floral prints are very in this season, but you don't want to go to overboard because floral is technically a summer print, but it can translate into fall if you choose the right pattern. I could do without either the denim jacket or the cardigan, but that's just me. I think it's a little too much layering going on. Loving the shoes, and the hobo :)

Forever 21 Twist: It's Here (finally)!!!!!!

It's here! Forever 21's Twist line! The website describes it as fashion with a twist of punk, but I think that some of the pieces are just to die for! Here's one example:

I mean, come on guys! How adorable are those shoes? I think that this is a really great line, but it kind of sucks that it's limited edition, but hey, good things can't last forever....
Anyways, I think we all know where I'll be tomorrow...look out for future blogs on my Forever 21 Twist haul!
So hurry up and check out the website or the store before I buy out the whole stock, because, as they say in those goddamn infomercials, "when it's gone, it's gone!"

How to Wear: Belts

And now for the second installment!

I absolutely adore belts because they can transform a loose t'shirt into a trendy tunic with leggings, and add a certain 'umph' to a dress.

I'm feeling lazy today, so I'm just depending on Forever 21 for pictures and ideas :)

The chunky belt- pair it with a pretty frilly dress to create a statement, and then complete the look with some cage heels. This is a great example of how versatile belts are- you don't only have to wear them to hold your pants up!

The skinny belt- wear a skinny belt over a plaid (trend alert!) dress and then throw on a rolled-up boyfriend shirt. Kick on some booties to finish the look. I love this look because it's kind of 'country' but it's still fashionable at the same time!

The braided belt- wear it with a tucked in denim shirt and a high waisted skirt. High waisted skirts are very in right now, and the belt just adds a different kind of twist to them. You can also use peep toe booties here :)

How to Wear: the Sweater Dress

I've had a lot of you request that I create a collection on how to wear certain items, so here's the first installment: the sweater dress.

What I adore about sweater dresses is that anyone can pull them off. You'll be able to find them at any major store- Forever 21, Macy's, H&M...the picture that I have above are actually from Gap, but I'm not sure if they still cary that exact style.

Choose your body type:
Pear (triangular upward)- to show off your nice figure, choose a well-fitting sweater dress. If it's too slouchy, it'll make you appear heavier. Pair the dress with some footless tights, and either pumps if the dress is long, or stiletto boots if it's shorter. If you think that the dress lacks definition, throw on a belt right underneath the bust. As for accessories, long necklaces tend to look better than shorter ones, but statement necklaces also look cute.

Hourglass (opposing triangles)- to accentuate your waist, choose a looser fitting sweater dress, and then cinch it at the waist with a cute belt. I like pairing tights with sweater dresses just because it makes the look appear much more composed. For shoes, stick with a trusty pair of cage heels or flats. For accessories, a simple statement necklace will do the job just fine.

Banana (rectangle)- Pair a medium fitting sweater dress (not too fitting, not too slouchy) with some footless tights. Add some high boots or stilettos. Accessories are what makes this look shine- bangle bracelets and long layered necklaces look amazing!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Ever found yourself wondering what the latest trends are? Fear not, here I've outlined them all for you!

Statement necklaces- the one accessory you have to have. Dress up simple v-necks with loud statement necklaces. Forever 21 has some cute ones.

Plaid- you’d have to be living under a rock not to know this one! Be slightly cautious when you wear plaid, because it can make you look like a fashion amateur if you wear it the wrong way. I think the best ways are to wear either a long plaid tunic with leggings, a plaid button up, well, buttoned up, or one unbuttoned with a graphic t underneath. Delia’s has some cute button ups, while Urban Outfitters has some gorgeous tunics.

Leather Jackets- Must haves! A great casual combination is a black motorcycle jacket with a gray tank and some black pants. Add a black hobo to top off the look Be ready to dish out some major moolah if you want a genuine leather one, but if you’re willing to sacrifice for the sake of your wallet, try Forever 21.

Leopard print- it’s everywhere, literally. Leopard shirts and pants can get tacky if you don’t pull them off perfectly, so if you want to bring some junglish style into your wardrobe the right way, pair a plain old outfit with some leopard print flats or a purse. I’ve seen a lot of cute leopard print things in Forever 21

Floral- be careful not to go overboard with the floral dresses, since summer has passed, but floral scarves are a must have accessory this season! Pair one with a white v-neck and some light wash denim shorts or jeans for a cute look. Forever 21 is floral heaven, but try your mom’s closet for some cute vintage pieces!

Fedoras- very in! Pair colored ones with almost any outfit to add instant chic-status. My favorite would have to be a denim fedora with a white tank top and dark wash jeans. Urban Outfitters has very cute fedoras

Flared jeans- another trend you need to be careful with, because if your top is too loose, you could be visiting the dreadful Woodstock fashion era. Instead, pair some flared jeans with a bright graphic t and a leather riding jacket. Vintage stores or thrift shops might be your best bet here, but raiding mom’s closet again might not be a bad idea…

Blazers- they’re great for making any outfit just a tad bit more dressy, and can add edge to anything. Try a black blazer with a white tank and gray pants and a gray clutch for a Camilla Belle inspired look. I honestly haven’t found any stores with amazing ones, but Gap has a couple boyfriend-inspired ones that are pretty good.

My Store Overview: Gap

Poor Gap! I think a lot of people just don’t go there because it’s labeled as an old person store, but it has some great basics and cute graphic t’s. If you hit a good sale, you can get some amazing quality v-necks for about $7! Also, Gap has some super cute graphic t’s- I have 2 from the Product (red) collection which I’m totally in love with, and half of the proceeds go to help ending AIDS in Africa. What’s not to love?

My Store Overview: H&M

I think that a lot of people don’t know how amazing H&M is for a couple of reasons- they aren’t everywhere, so a lot of people have never been to one, and they’re kind of a ‘different’ store. I think that the clothes there are so unique and amazing that I wish I could buy the whole store. When you do go there, I recommend the tank tops- they run around $6, but they’re such good quality, that it really is worth it. Also when you go, make sure to pick up a copy of the free H&M magazine that they give out- it has some great ideas in it!

My Store Overview: American Eagle Outfitters

I personally think that a lot of people don’t go to AE because it’s grouped into the whole A&F- catergory but I think it’s a great store, and I can’t stand places like Hollister. Some clothes at AE are really overpriced, which is why the sales rack can become your new best friend. More than a couple of people have snagged great bargains, like $20 jeans. AE has great quality stuff, and their cardigans are incredibly cute. Check out their website- unlike Forever 21, you’ll probably find some of the stuff in the store!

My Store Overview: Forever 21

As most of you will probably know, Forever 21 is one of my favorite stores because everything is really cute, and it won’t break your budget! They have a ridiculous amount of clothes, so you’re sure to find something that you like. One thing I don’t like about the stores is that it’s so overwhelming. The organization isn’t that great, and it’s pretty easy to get confused. In some of the bigger stores, however, they organize clothes by theme, so that kind of makes it easier. My favorite part of the store is the sales section (how did we not see that coming) because you can find such amazing things for under $10. I’ve gotten vests for $4, jeans for $6, dresses for $10… Forever 21 also has a great assortment of accessories. Their necklaces are incredibly cute, and their earrings are to die for. Check out the website for some of their stuff, although, be warned that you might not be able to find it in the actual store.I think all and all, Forever 21 is a great store, and if you haven’t been there yet, you’re definitely missing out!