Friday, September 25, 2009

Forever 21's Outfit 'Critique"

I, for one, think that this is a great look. The vest is adorable, and so are those shoes! I'm also loving the necklace and those jeans too. Faux fur is very in on the runway, and this is a good affordable way to wear it!

I love every single thing about this look- except for the hat. I think it just takes away from the niceness of the outfit. The dress is one of the best that I've ever seen in Forever 21, and I think I just have to go and get that jacket! The shoes are okay, but the hat looks like a piece of mold growing on her head

I'm not a huge fan of this look, but that's probably because I'd never be able to pull it off. The one thing I just don't like is that hoodie vest thing- it's just not working with me. Those leggings, though, are to die for. Those shoes aren't bad either....

This is a really great outfit because it's just so different from what everyone's wearing! I love that the shirt is really loose, but then it becomes very fitting on the bottom half, so it's a nice contrast. The statement necklace is gorgeous, and so are those shoes!

Very nice! I think that this is a good way to use that sweater that your aunt knitted for you, but you'd never wear out in public... The motorcycle jacket is a nice touch because those are all the rage on the runway, and it kind of matches the sweater. Which reminds me- don't actually buy the sweater, because it's not a must have, but it's a good way to use that kind of a sweater if you just happen to have one lying around. The jeans are really nice, but I'm not loving the color of the shoes...

Very cute! I'm liking the floral dress because floral prints are very in this season, but you don't want to go to overboard because floral is technically a summer print, but it can translate into fall if you choose the right pattern. I could do without either the denim jacket or the cardigan, but that's just me. I think it's a little too much layering going on. Loving the shoes, and the hobo :)