Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lise is going to finish this post.

oh yes she is.

too faced liquif-eye shadow collection- $35

this set honestly looks like so much fun, i can't wait to play with it. not only do you get 12 (!) fun eyeshadows, you also get too faced's shadow transformer, which sounds like a riot. some of the colors look so pretty and unique, it makes this palette an absolute must have for me. the price isn't ridiculous either, although i'm not sure how big the pans are...

stila yumberry cheek and lip stain- $24

i believe it was pinkiecharm who did a review on this, and ever since then, i've been in love. you can ask anyone who knows me well, and they will definitely tell you that i hate glossy lips. i just think they look tacky. on me, at least. that's why i love lip stains. they give you a nice matte finish, and you could put a sheerish lipstick on top for a nice finish. plus, this is such a fun color.

philosophy flirty girl gift set- $35

with this set, you get a 8 oz 3 in 1, a 8 oz body lotion, and a lip shine, all in the flirty girl scent/color. i'm not so crazy about the lip shine, so i'll end up giving it away to a friend, but i think the other 2 things are just so exciting! from the raves that i've heard about philosophy's products, i know i certainly won't be let down.

benefit's confessions of a concealaholic set- $36

with this set, you get "that gal" face primer, "boi-ing" concealer, "erase paste", "lemon aid", "eye bright", and two concealer brushes. granted they're not full size, it's still a good value. i've yet to find a good concealer, and i hope this set will help. it has products for almost any problem, and i'm excited!

wishlist (continued)

okay girlies, as promised, the rest of my wishlist :)
read the first entry so you understand that this isn't actually a wishlist- mostly stuff that i've heard raves about and want to try.

laura mercier tinted moisturizer- $42

so what's so great about this? i'm not really sure. i've heard so many raves about this, i have huge expectations. i think the reason expensive tinted moisturizers are good because they're usually better quality. and let's face it- we don't want to stuff our pores with some cheapo moisturizer, now do we? i'm not saying just because this is more expensive it's better, but that's just word on the street :)

">nars blush- $26

it's not so much the texture of this blush or anything, it's more the color. everyone and their grandmother has raved about orgasm. the blush. it looks good on so many people that wear it, which is why i too have fallen for it. on a different note, i've heard that elf's studio line blushing and bronzing powder has a blush that's almost a perfect dupe for this. just putting it out there.

">urban decay eyeshadow- $17

one of my favorite gurus, kelleeexann, has raved about this eyeshadow for a while now. she says that the shade foxy, a glittery cream color, is the best highlight on the face of this earth. so many people have told me that they really love this shadow, which is why i look forward to trying it :)

ugh, i'm never going to finish this :(

swim team. bleh. on a stick.

tv series: glee

so the point of a blog is to talk about your everyday life, right?

well i kind of want to talk about some tv shows. just a recap of each episode from each week.

i know i sold this as a fashion blog. and if you hate these kinds of things, feel free to not read this. i promise i'll post a beauty thing each day i post tv one.

so here's a little recap of yesterday's website. basically, april (remember her as the drunken one who had a beautiful voice but was always well...drunk, so will kicked her out?) came back. sue had booked the entire gym for her cheerios, so will needed a place to practice. low and behold, april. she was with a guy who owned a rollerskating rink. april rented it out to will and the glee club. she invites her self over to will's to spend the night, and he at first makes her sleep on the couch, but she later moves to his bed. don't get your hopes up. nothing happens. ;)

meanwhile, sue told mercedes that she needs to loose 10 pounds in one week, in time for sue's interview with a magazine. mercedes eats healthy, yet proceeds to gain 2 pounds in a couple of days. she then begins extreme dieting, and later passes out in the cafeteria. former cheerleader quinn comes to her rescue, and sits with her to talk it out. then, during a pep rally organized by sue to show off to the magazine guy, mercedes breaks the plan, and instead talks about body image. kind of.

during all of this, kurt and finn's dad and mom, respectively, had been going out. kurt got them together so he could live with finn (who he has a crush on, remember?) eventually they both realize it's not working out so hot, so they attempt to break them up. attempt being the key word here.

and that's what you missed on glee :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


hey girlies :)

long time no see. i start every post like that.

this has been a tough semester for me. just a lot of work, which i'm honestly not used to.

anyways, this is a list of products that i've heard great reviews about, whether it be from a youtube guru, or one of my friends. this is the high end product section.

nars duo lip gloss trio- $49

i really want this because it looks like a great way to try out a bunch of nars lip glosses. i can never really justify buying a full tube of expensive lip gloss, because i never use them up, so this is good :) the shades you get are rose birman, chihuahua, sweet dreams, harlow, boogie nights, and giza. while they don't put their best sellers, like orgasm or turkish delight in here, i still think it's nice.

tarina tarantino conditioning lip sheen- $22, exclusively at sephora

i'm a huge fan of tinted lip moisturizers, so it should come as no surprise that i really want this. my friend just bought it, and she said it's great. i'm in love with all the shades, although i can't find one that's not very bold- the closest i've found is the shade queen alice, which is a pinkish brown.

benefit's benetint in posietint-$28

a ridiculous amount of gurus have raved about this, whether it's thisisisabella or allthatglitters21. they liked the darker shade, but i really don't have the audacity to wear that one :) it would look gorgeous on your lips with a nice pigmented gloss on top, maybe a dazzleglass?

dior diorshow mascara- $24

this is the mascara allthatglitters21 liked for a while, and i have always envied her eyelashes :) my only problem is that i can never finish a tube of mascara in 3 months, so spending $24 on a product i'll throw away soon seems pointless.

ehh, i have to go to tennis practice now :(

promise to finish this post. pinky promise.

<3 you

Monday, April 19, 2010

my new found hair love :)

hey lovelies <3

ever tried this stuff before? love.

anything aussie. everything aussie.

except for their 3 minute miracle. i've used it twice, and all it's done for my hair is dry it out.

what i really love, though, is the hair insurance leave in conditioner spray. it smells like coconuts, and it protects your hair from damage (i put it on from my head down, because it can make your roots look a bit greasy. besides, who needs protection right there?)

just a quick little post for y'all.

love you :)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

outfits for spring :)

hello there :)

how do normal people know it's spring? the abundance of shorts, flip-flops, and the burden of the end-of-the-year school assignments.

how do i know it's spring? one word: allergies.


on a lighter note, here are some of my favorite outfits for this beautiful season :)

steal the look:
basic fitted tee- $3.50 at forever 21
navy floral shorts- $19.80 at forever 21
gold tassel necklace- $5.80 at forever 21

i had some trouble making a set with this one- i had a vision in my head, but i couldn't find the clothes to go with it. i would choose a sheerer boatneck top, but alas, i couldn't find any online. check your local forever 21. also, i wanted a gold necklace that was more of a cluster-y type. again, good old forever 21. anyways, i think this is a cute outfit for those warmer days, and is nice and casual.

steal the look:
beaded lace back top- $25 at forever 21
tan moto jacket- $70 at american eagle outfitters
paris chambray bubble skirt- $15 at delia's
casamento flats- $70 at aldo
intricate petal ring- $3.80 at forever 21

while some of these pieces are a bit of a splurge, i still think that they're worth it. they're not like purple boots, or anything- you'll be able to wear them some other ways too. this is a nice outfit for those chilly spring nights, and if you wanted to, you could always throw on some tights.

steal the look:
pinstripe blazer- $50 at american eagle outfitters
activity v-neck tee- $4.80 at forever 21
exposed lace skinny jeans- $30 at forever 21
leaf tassel necklace- $4.80 at forever 21
tulloch sandals- $45 at aldo

while these shoes might not be the best choice, i still really like this outfit. i really like the combination of blazers with black jeans because i think it adds a nice edgy touch to the whole boyfriend look. the pink stripes on the blazer help to make it a little more girly.

all for now :)

love you

Sunday, April 4, 2010

kisses of spring (at american eagle)

what's the weather like where you live? over here, it's 84 degrees! we barely get this hot in july!

here are some outfits featuring all items from american eagle's spring collection

boyfriend racer tank (shown in ebony)- $16
silver cut out flats- $30
nautical striped skirt- $25
multiple chain necklace- $16
shades- $15

cute for a casual night out, or even to run some errands. i absolutely adore this skirt, and i think that the buttons add a nice playful touch. the nautical stripes are also very in. the cutout flats really tie the whole look together, don't you think?

rock the peace graphic t- $20
embroidered cardigan- $50
distressed medium wash jeans- $30
beaded hoop earrings- $16

this is a perfect outfit for those cool, laid back spring nights where you don't really need to get dressed up. the cardigan is a great transitional piece, because it would also look stunning over your cute summer dresses.

gladiator sandals- $30
cargo button down top- $50
military purse- $20
gray dress- $60
chain necklace- $16

you really could wear this outfit just about anywhere. i like the button down shirt because it helps to make the dress much more casual. the necklace adds a nice edge to the whole military feel.

all for now, as my parents would kill me if they knew i was on the computer after 10. shitza. :(


Friday, April 2, 2010


dear god
please make it summer. it is already 82 degrees. just make it july. please.

ahhh, i'm getting so sick of school :( this has been such a messed up weather year- third snowiest season on record, and now 82 degrees in march. so help us god.

best of the drugstore (part 2)

happy easter. or passover. or whatever holiday you do celebrate :)

best concealer:

maybelline's mineral power concealer- about $8

i really like this concealer because of it's nice creamy consistency. it claims to have micro minerals in it, so i guess that's a plus :) in general, a lot of drugstore concealers are pretty good, but if you need a lot of concealer, or just want a good quality, it's not absurd to invest in a higher end one, like mac.

best lipstick:

new york color moisturizing lipstick (not exact name)- $1.99

this isn't the best lipstick i've ever tried. i'll give you that. what i do like about it though is its insanely low price. my favorite color is lilac dream, which is just a tad darker than my actual lip color, so it's nice for school. these are moisturizing, and certainly won't dry your lips out. i definitely think you should give these guys a shot :)

best lip gloss:

covergirl wetslicks lip gloss- $5 (shown in watermelon splash)

granted, i'm not a huge fan of glossy lips. i really just prefer matte, unglossy color on my lips. however, i think a little bit of gloss some days can look pretty. i like this stuff, although the scent can make you feel a little gross if fruity smells sicken you. it's one of the best lip glosses i've tried though- i haven't found that many good drugstore ones, actually. not that i've tried a lot...

best eyshadow:

physican's formula custom shimmer strips- $11 (shown in bronzed brown eyes)

i love these things. not only do they choose colors that compliment you eye color, you get a whole bunch of colors. 9 to be exact. these are good quality shadows that have nice color pay off. physician's formula is on the expensive side for the drugstore, but i think you can totally justify this $11 price tag. besides, it's much cheaper than a mac shadow :)

best eyeliner:

revlon beyond natural defining eye pencil- $7

hands down, the best eyeliner i've ever tried. it's very creamy, and has a nice rich formula. it literally glides onto your eyes, so you don't have to pull on anything. the color stays put for a long time, and is easily the best eyeliner roaming in the drugstore aisles.

best nail polish:

revlon nail polish- $5

this is the best drugstore nail polish, and is serious competition for opi. at like half the price. this stuff doesn't budge from your nails if you follow up with a good top coat (i like sally hansen's hard as nails clear coat). the color selection is okay, as they have much more reds and pinks than blues and greens. my favorite shades? wine with everything and no shrinking violet.

i'm going to be doing a drugstore skincare post too