Friday, April 2, 2010

best of the drugstore (part 2)

happy easter. or passover. or whatever holiday you do celebrate :)

best concealer:

maybelline's mineral power concealer- about $8

i really like this concealer because of it's nice creamy consistency. it claims to have micro minerals in it, so i guess that's a plus :) in general, a lot of drugstore concealers are pretty good, but if you need a lot of concealer, or just want a good quality, it's not absurd to invest in a higher end one, like mac.

best lipstick:

new york color moisturizing lipstick (not exact name)- $1.99

this isn't the best lipstick i've ever tried. i'll give you that. what i do like about it though is its insanely low price. my favorite color is lilac dream, which is just a tad darker than my actual lip color, so it's nice for school. these are moisturizing, and certainly won't dry your lips out. i definitely think you should give these guys a shot :)

best lip gloss:

covergirl wetslicks lip gloss- $5 (shown in watermelon splash)

granted, i'm not a huge fan of glossy lips. i really just prefer matte, unglossy color on my lips. however, i think a little bit of gloss some days can look pretty. i like this stuff, although the scent can make you feel a little gross if fruity smells sicken you. it's one of the best lip glosses i've tried though- i haven't found that many good drugstore ones, actually. not that i've tried a lot...

best eyshadow:

physican's formula custom shimmer strips- $11 (shown in bronzed brown eyes)

i love these things. not only do they choose colors that compliment you eye color, you get a whole bunch of colors. 9 to be exact. these are good quality shadows that have nice color pay off. physician's formula is on the expensive side for the drugstore, but i think you can totally justify this $11 price tag. besides, it's much cheaper than a mac shadow :)

best eyeliner:

revlon beyond natural defining eye pencil- $7

hands down, the best eyeliner i've ever tried. it's very creamy, and has a nice rich formula. it literally glides onto your eyes, so you don't have to pull on anything. the color stays put for a long time, and is easily the best eyeliner roaming in the drugstore aisles.

best nail polish:

revlon nail polish- $5

this is the best drugstore nail polish, and is serious competition for opi. at like half the price. this stuff doesn't budge from your nails if you follow up with a good top coat (i like sally hansen's hard as nails clear coat). the color selection is okay, as they have much more reds and pinks than blues and greens. my favorite shades? wine with everything and no shrinking violet.

i'm going to be doing a drugstore skincare post too