Wednesday, April 28, 2010

wishlist (continued)

okay girlies, as promised, the rest of my wishlist :)
read the first entry so you understand that this isn't actually a wishlist- mostly stuff that i've heard raves about and want to try.

laura mercier tinted moisturizer- $42

so what's so great about this? i'm not really sure. i've heard so many raves about this, i have huge expectations. i think the reason expensive tinted moisturizers are good because they're usually better quality. and let's face it- we don't want to stuff our pores with some cheapo moisturizer, now do we? i'm not saying just because this is more expensive it's better, but that's just word on the street :)

">nars blush- $26

it's not so much the texture of this blush or anything, it's more the color. everyone and their grandmother has raved about orgasm. the blush. it looks good on so many people that wear it, which is why i too have fallen for it. on a different note, i've heard that elf's studio line blushing and bronzing powder has a blush that's almost a perfect dupe for this. just putting it out there.

">urban decay eyeshadow- $17

one of my favorite gurus, kelleeexann, has raved about this eyeshadow for a while now. she says that the shade foxy, a glittery cream color, is the best highlight on the face of this earth. so many people have told me that they really love this shadow, which is why i look forward to trying it :)

ugh, i'm never going to finish this :(

swim team. bleh. on a stick.