Saturday, July 10, 2010

eclectic summer

vintage chicFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
get the look:
nautical striped dress- modcloth
lucky loop flats- anthropologie
floral pearl cuff- forever 21
victorian painted rose ring- forever 21

this look is so refreshingly different. if i saw someone walking down the street like this, i would just stand there in awe. you could totally ditch the bracelet to make the outfit look much more casual, but i think the ring ties it all together. you could always add some nice earrings too :)

writer's retreat tunic- modcloth
ruston bag- anthropologie
garden party necklace- anthropologie
skinny jeans- forever 21
zipper heels- modcloth

i'm not loving the necklace with this look, so i think a long necklace would look cuter. i really like pairing loose tops with tighter bottoms, and with a heel, you legs can look uber long

2 outfits? really? i have cookies baking in the oven....consoloation?

Monday, July 5, 2010

where to find unique clothes

hey guys :) as promised, fashion post today. maybe another one later on if i get to it?

i don't know about you, but sometimes i just get sick of seeing girl after girl (or boy after boy, for that matter) plastered in a shirt that says "ABERCROMBIE AND FITCH" or "HOLLISTER". sometimes, i just want some unique-ness. so how can you find clothes that no one else will have?

my style is boho, indie, and vintage-esque. thus, the clothes will be of these types.

you've got a couple of options, actually. in this post, i'm going to focus on stores, but there's always thrift stores (and of course, you can make them yourself!).

first store might be a bit of a shocker, but...

that's right guys, forever 21! the sheer amount of clothing in a forever 21 store is enough to guarantee that your clothes will be relatively unique. while forever 21 has some adorable shirts and pants, i find that their real strength lies in their skirts in dresses. they have the cutest vintage inspired skirts and dresses there, and everyone will be shocked when you say you got it for $20 from good ol' F21!


oh my god, you guys. i absolutely adore this store. what it is, is a couple of really unique pieces being sold at affordable prices online. the best part? the store has only one of each item to offer, and most of it's vintage, so what are the chances of someone else having it? this store is amazing- you need need need to check it out :)

modcloth is a vintage-inspired clothing store, and they have some amazing pieces. the stuff truly is one-of-a-kind, and you're really not likely to see anything like their stuff anywhere else. modcloth can definitely get a bit pricey, but if you want a nice staple piece, look no further!

urban outfitters is on the more hipster-side of my style, but it's still one of my favorite stores. their clothes are so cool and different, and you're sure to always get compliments on them! urban outfitters is also a bit expensive, and their quality isn't the greatest, which is why i love to hit up their sales.


ruche is a cute little indie clothing boutique that's quite similar to modcloth, except that they're much much cheaper. they also have a nice "indie" section to their website, where you can find adorable accessories :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

drugstore deals: JULY 4-10

hey lovely frugalistas :)

sales vary by area, however, for the most part, they are the same. all of this info should be true for those of you on the east.

remember that to get most of these deals, you need to have the Wellness+ card, which is free, and you can apply for online or in store.

+UP rewards print on the bottom of your receipt, and are essentially like a "gift card" in the specified amount. it's just like CVS ExtraBucks.

- all of the new Pantene products are on sale for 2 for $7. there have been countless coupons for the new line, so use the best one that you have lying around. there were a bunch in last week's PARADE magazine. rite aid is also offering a $2 +UP reward on your purchase of 2 Pantene items, bringing your total waaaay down.

-all CoverGirl cosmetics are buy one get one 50% off, but this isn't that great of a sale. i would wait for a bogo free.

-most Vaseline products are on sale for $4.99, with a $1 +UP reward being offered for each one you buy. this might be a good time to try out that new cocoa butter body butter that i love :)

- most Aussie and Herbal Essences products are on sale for $2.99 (which is great for HE- when was the last time they were on sale?!?!) there's a $.50 off coupon in most papers, *and* RA is offering a $1 +UP reward for a product (you can only get one per transaction). this is a great deal for both HE and Aussie!

- there are 3 RiteAid exclusive coupons in the flyer- $2 off any Clean&Clear purchase, $2 off any EcoTools body purchase, and $1.50 off any Neutrogena skin care product.

- Maybelline lip and nail cosmetics are bogo 50% off, and there is a +UP reward for all ShineSensational glosses.

-L'Oreal Everstrong products are on sale for $5.99

-most Almay face stuff is on sale for $9.99

-most Blistex and Carmex products are on sale for $.99


for most of these sales, you will need CVS' ExtraCare card, which is a free rewards card available in store and online.

ExtraBucks are similar to +UP rewards from Rite Aid.

-Pantene products are on sale for $5.99, with a $2 ExtraBucks reward (i say just get them from Rite Aid!)

-Neutrogena skincare is on sale for only $8!

-CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion is $8, various eye and lip products are $7, and Clean Makeup is $6.

-Maybelline face, and all L'Oreal cosmetics are bogo 50% off.

-Dove shampoo/conditioners are 2/$6, body washes and soap packs are $6, and deodorants are 2/$5.


RegisterRewards are similar to ExtraBucks and +UP rewards

-most Dove products are 4/$15, and a purchase of $15 in participating products lands you a $5 RegisterRewards.

-most Olay, Pantene, Aussie, and Head&Shoulders large-size hair/skin products are on sale for $5.99.

-all Aussie and Herbal Essences styling products are on sale for $2.99

-Maybelline, CoverGirl, and Revlon face/lip products are bogo 50% off.

guide to mac finishes

now i'm well aware that this is supposed to be a fashion blog. when was the last time i did a fashion post?


right now, i'm just in the makeup mood. apologies.

i used to wonder about the different mac lipstick finishes. and i could never really seem to find an answer. so here's a short little post for any of you wonderers :)

AMPLIFIED CREME- a super creamy finish (it feels great on your lips), that is definitely color-packed! very very pigmented lipsticks!

FROST- pigmented lipsticks with more of a frosty finish, but they still retain the signature MAC 'sheen'.

GLAZE- one of the least pigmented MAC lipsticks. simply glazes the lips, while adding a hint of color.

LUSTRE- a very smooth slick finish, which leaves a wet look, and has a nice lustrous finish.

MATTE- very rich color pay off with no shimmer or shine. very trendy right now.

SATIN- buildable color, with a smooth, silky finish.

CREMESHEEN- my absolute favorite. like amplified creme, but not as intense.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

mac's in the groove collection

oh my god you guys- IT'S SUMMER! YAY!

and you guys know i suck at keeping this blog updated. i can't apologize enough :(
i'm going to try and post everyday. we'll see how it goes! i'm off to india on the 15th, and won't be back until the 9th, so no posts then... :(

mac's new "in the groove" collection is set to hit counters on july 8th, and will only be around for about a month!

a quick "to the beach" update- i bought nothing! i wanted the marine life highlighting powder so badly- it was in every magazine i read, every youtube video i watched. and damn, it's gorgeous! but i just thought to myself, when am i going to use it? other than that, there wasn't much in that collection that was to die for. in my opinion.

this collection looks like so much fun!

here's what's in it :)
* denotes limited edition product

LIPSTICKS (they're all cremesheens, which are my faves!

*Call My Bluff- mid tone creamy coffee
*Jazzed- bright coral color, with some pink hints to it
Creme de Nude- pale muted peach beige
*I Like It Like That- deep blue pink
*All Styled Up- bright yellow pink
*Go For It- mid toned blue purple


*On the Scene- light coral beige
*You've Got It- dirty silver gray
*Going Casual- sheer lilac
*Fashion Within- light beige
*Right Image- mid-toned blue pink
*Chillin'- light white blue


*Love to Love- satin beige/pearly bronze/satin brown
*In The Groove- satin green/pearly burgundy/satin coral
*Making It Easy- satin red brown/pearly beige rose/satin dark beige
*Togetherness- satin lavender/pearly purple/satin grey
*Style Influencer- satin silver/pearly deep blue/satin deep mauve brown
*Soften the Mood- satin light brown/pearly rose/satin light blue
*Fresh and Easy- satin pink/pearly burgundy/satin gray
*Calm, Cool, and Collected- satin deep grey/pearly green/satin beige
*Blue My Mind- satin light blue/pearly deep teal/satin black


Stubborn Brown- deep rich brown
Permaplum- deep plum with pink shimmer
Navy Stain- royal blue with shimmer

Rich Black- dark black


*By Candlelight- golden pink (frost)(repromote)
*Stereo Rose- coral with golden bronze shimmering nuances (frost)(repromote)
*Comfort- golden bronze (frost)(repromote)
*Petticoat- pale rose with gold and amber veining (frost)(repromote)


*Happy Together- satin caramel/pearly beige
*A Little Bit of Sunshine- satin light brown/pearly beige
*Hang Loose- satin bright pink/pearly lavender
*Band of Roses- satin blue pink/pearly plum
*New Vibe- satin deep rose/pearly bronze

187 Brush- perfect for applying powders and blushes to the face.

so what do i think the must-haves from this collection are? well, first and foremost, the MSF in petticoat. it's a repromote, but i'm totally blanking on the name of the collection it first came out with. so many gurus on youtube have raved about it, and i'm convinced that i need. here's a picture:

and it doesn't take a genius to see that there's a lot of mineralized stuff in this collection. i'm crazy over mineralized eyeshadows, and these are the two that i think i'll get the most use out of.

trio in "in the groove"

trio in "love to love"

as for lipsticks, there really aren't any that i want that badly. the two pinks are pretty, but they really aren't that unique. i really like "creme de nude", but since it's in the permanent line, i'll take my own sweet time getting it.

as for lip glosses?

i really like the second one, which is "fashion whim", and the last one, which is "you've got it". "ygi" is definitely more unique, and i'll get more use out of it- it just doesn't really seem like a summer color, you know?