Saturday, July 3, 2010

mac's in the groove collection

oh my god you guys- IT'S SUMMER! YAY!

and you guys know i suck at keeping this blog updated. i can't apologize enough :(
i'm going to try and post everyday. we'll see how it goes! i'm off to india on the 15th, and won't be back until the 9th, so no posts then... :(

mac's new "in the groove" collection is set to hit counters on july 8th, and will only be around for about a month!

a quick "to the beach" update- i bought nothing! i wanted the marine life highlighting powder so badly- it was in every magazine i read, every youtube video i watched. and damn, it's gorgeous! but i just thought to myself, when am i going to use it? other than that, there wasn't much in that collection that was to die for. in my opinion.

this collection looks like so much fun!

here's what's in it :)
* denotes limited edition product

LIPSTICKS (they're all cremesheens, which are my faves!

*Call My Bluff- mid tone creamy coffee
*Jazzed- bright coral color, with some pink hints to it
Creme de Nude- pale muted peach beige
*I Like It Like That- deep blue pink
*All Styled Up- bright yellow pink
*Go For It- mid toned blue purple


*On the Scene- light coral beige
*You've Got It- dirty silver gray
*Going Casual- sheer lilac
*Fashion Within- light beige
*Right Image- mid-toned blue pink
*Chillin'- light white blue


*Love to Love- satin beige/pearly bronze/satin brown
*In The Groove- satin green/pearly burgundy/satin coral
*Making It Easy- satin red brown/pearly beige rose/satin dark beige
*Togetherness- satin lavender/pearly purple/satin grey
*Style Influencer- satin silver/pearly deep blue/satin deep mauve brown
*Soften the Mood- satin light brown/pearly rose/satin light blue
*Fresh and Easy- satin pink/pearly burgundy/satin gray
*Calm, Cool, and Collected- satin deep grey/pearly green/satin beige
*Blue My Mind- satin light blue/pearly deep teal/satin black


Stubborn Brown- deep rich brown
Permaplum- deep plum with pink shimmer
Navy Stain- royal blue with shimmer

Rich Black- dark black


*By Candlelight- golden pink (frost)(repromote)
*Stereo Rose- coral with golden bronze shimmering nuances (frost)(repromote)
*Comfort- golden bronze (frost)(repromote)
*Petticoat- pale rose with gold and amber veining (frost)(repromote)


*Happy Together- satin caramel/pearly beige
*A Little Bit of Sunshine- satin light brown/pearly beige
*Hang Loose- satin bright pink/pearly lavender
*Band of Roses- satin blue pink/pearly plum
*New Vibe- satin deep rose/pearly bronze

187 Brush- perfect for applying powders and blushes to the face.

so what do i think the must-haves from this collection are? well, first and foremost, the MSF in petticoat. it's a repromote, but i'm totally blanking on the name of the collection it first came out with. so many gurus on youtube have raved about it, and i'm convinced that i need. here's a picture:

and it doesn't take a genius to see that there's a lot of mineralized stuff in this collection. i'm crazy over mineralized eyeshadows, and these are the two that i think i'll get the most use out of.

trio in "in the groove"

trio in "love to love"

as for lipsticks, there really aren't any that i want that badly. the two pinks are pretty, but they really aren't that unique. i really like "creme de nude", but since it's in the permanent line, i'll take my own sweet time getting it.

as for lip glosses?

i really like the second one, which is "fashion whim", and the last one, which is "you've got it". "ygi" is definitely more unique, and i'll get more use out of it- it just doesn't really seem like a summer color, you know?