Sunday, July 4, 2010

guide to mac finishes

now i'm well aware that this is supposed to be a fashion blog. when was the last time i did a fashion post?


right now, i'm just in the makeup mood. apologies.

i used to wonder about the different mac lipstick finishes. and i could never really seem to find an answer. so here's a short little post for any of you wonderers :)

AMPLIFIED CREME- a super creamy finish (it feels great on your lips), that is definitely color-packed! very very pigmented lipsticks!

FROST- pigmented lipsticks with more of a frosty finish, but they still retain the signature MAC 'sheen'.

GLAZE- one of the least pigmented MAC lipsticks. simply glazes the lips, while adding a hint of color.

LUSTRE- a very smooth slick finish, which leaves a wet look, and has a nice lustrous finish.

MATTE- very rich color pay off with no shimmer or shine. very trendy right now.

SATIN- buildable color, with a smooth, silky finish.

CREMESHEEN- my absolute favorite. like amplified creme, but not as intense.