Sunday, May 30, 2010

glee recap: gaga!!

if you've been a reader of this blog for any length of time, then you know that i suck at keeping up with things that i start. but it's a lone sunday night, finals start soon, and i need something to do while procrastinating... :)

you guys, i went absolutely crazy when i found out that this episode was going to air. i could not wait for the gaga episode. at all.

so what happened, you ask? well...

my buddy figgins tells tina she can't dress goth anymore, kurt and the girls perform bad romance, while the guys preform some kiss song, rachel realizes shelby, the coach of vocal adrenaline, is her birth mom, finn moves in with kurt after their parents get together, but gets kicked out after calling kurt's things 'fugly', and then shelby and rachel perform a version of poker face. and that's what you missed on glee.

my biggest problem with this episode? there were *two* gaga songs. two. i mean, they totally could have smooshed some more in there. 'speechless', maybe? i don't know. gaga's a genius, and i just would have loved to see more of her songs in here.

that being said, this was my favorite episode all season. bad romance was effing brilliant, and the whole rachel/shelby ordeal was heartbreaking. shelby didn't know how to handle it, and i actually felt bad for rachel.

and finn? i'm kind of disgusted by him. i mean, i see why he's kind of weirded out that a boy likes him, but he doesn't have to treat kurt like a piece of shitza, now does he?

this is going absolutely nowhere. i think it's official that i'm terrible at reviews :(


mac, you had me at hello

hello there gorgeouses :)

before i go off on a 'to the beach' tangent, i just wanted to tell you guys that h&m has a 20% off coupon code circulating (and you know for h&m, coupons are rare!). check for the link- it expires the 6th, i think!


here are product that you *need* from mac's to the beach collection, based off of my experience, as well as from other guru's (like pinkiecharm and xxalliecosmetics) :)

seriously you guys, you need to get to your local mac counter asap if you want anything- some of my favorite things (like the thrills lipstick) have already sold out!

mac to the beach lipstick in lazy day- $14 USD

sorry about the supersized picture :( my first choice from this collection is thrills, but you know what? lazy day comes pretty darn close. it's a beautiful pink with blue undertones, and i know what you're thinking- "i have this shade". and you probably do. but is this not the cutest packaging ever? i mean, seriously. you can get a nice, wearable lipstick that you'll get use out of, which just so happens to be the most adorable thing ever :)

mac to the beach creme bronzer- $25 USD

i *despise* orangey bronzers. they piss me off to no extent. so that's why i can't necessarily recommend weekend, the darker of the two, but beach bronze is absolutely gorgeous for those of you with fair skin. it's the kind of color that makes you look sun-kissed, and it just glides onto your skin. i really love this stuff, so i can justify the $25 price tag :)

mac to the beach lip pencil in life's a breeze- $13 USD

if you haven't picked up on it already, i'm a total sucker for pink lips :) again, this is kind of a generic color, but i honestly think that you'll get use out of it. how often are you going to use a bright orange lip pencil? and, i'm not sure how well the picture shows this, but the seaweed-esque design on the end of the pencil actually corresponds with the shade. nifty, eh?

body part to follow... pinky promise!

Friday, May 21, 2010

favorite (and least) scents from bath and body works

warning: scents are different for everyone. everyone likes different things, but these are products that i really like (or dislike). here's my 'scent profile', if you will:
slightly musky undertones
powdery undertones
floral tones
warm comforting smells

strong fruity smells
anything coconut
things with verbena
strong musky smells

also, if you see a picture of a product, like a shower gel, that doesn't mean i'm partial to the product. it's just the only way of finding a picture of the name of the scent. if that makes sense.

japanese cherry blossom

by far my favorite scent from bbw. it's such a complex smell, which is why i love bath and body works so much. they take seemingly simple scents and make them so...sophisticated. this one doesn't smell like plain old cherry blossom. no. it has sweet vanilla undertones, but also has a general perfume like appearance. no matter which type you buy this product in, the scent is bound to be amazing!

warm vanilla sugar

it's no secret that one of the best ways to get noticeable scent is by layering. this is especially true with warm vanilla sugar. it's a sweet, musky scent that's absolutely perfect for fall/winter. like japanese cherry blossom, it also smells a bit like a perfume, which is why i love layering it- the shower gel with the body lotion, and occasionally the body mist. it's such a warm, welcoming smell for me, and it reminds me of home.

enchanted orchid

this is definitely one of the most complex floral scents i've ever smelled. it's an obvious sweet floral, but it has a powdery undertone to it. it's kind of confusing to explain- i really urge you to try it out. i love this scent for spring, and especially in a body lotion. be warned- if you hate sweet smells, this isn't for you!

cotton blossom

so it's not bbw's most popular scent: does that mean it's terrible? no! i happen to adore this scent. i know sea fresh linen, or whatever, is very popular, but honestly, that smell has no depth to me. this is a cotton scent with powdery undertones, kind of like enchanted orchid, but 'cleaner'. i really love the body lotion in this scent- it makes you feel clean, refreshed, and uplifted.

and now... the one bath and body work's scent i

coconut lime verbena

rewind to about a year ago, or before bbw did this major reform on their products. one of my friends had a coconut lime verbena body butter, and when i smelled it, i felt like i was in heaven. i fell in love with this scent. fast forward to about a month ago. i was in bbw, and trying to find some product to make some kind of bogo deal or whatever. brainspark, let's try that coconut lime verbena stuff that smelled so good! initial reaction: bleh. final reaction: bleh. this scent honestly just makes me feel sick. to my stomach. it's overly sweet, and i just can't stand coconut undertones! to make matters worse, this kind of developed my hatrid for verbena- i now can't tolerate the dove go fresh body wash in pomegranate and lemon verbena.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

new mac collection? yes yes yes!


being a relatively new mac-addict, new collections are always exciting. to the beach is the quintessential summer set, with fun vibrant colors perfect for the warm weather. what's in the collection?

3 gorgeous fun funky eyeshadows. shown in shimmermoss, fire cracker, and sweet and punchy. i say they're all must-haves for anyone looking to expand their collection :)

there are three pencils in this collection as well- in order from left to right, life's a breeze, float on bay, and temperature's rising. float on is obviously the eye kohl. would look great under the blueish shadow, no?

i'm sorry, this post is getting very picture heavy. as with everything i do, this has to be 2 parts, because a.) finals time! yay! (pshh) and b.) 30 rock is on :)

can't wait? check out more from the collection at:

photos courtesy of musings of amuse.

Monday, May 17, 2010

for the love of summer

summer. please come save me from school.


UntitledFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Untitled by featuring Forever21 jewelry

steal the look:
elephant ring- $4.80 at forever 21
filigree oval earrings- $4.80 at forever 21
sunglasses- $5.80 at forever 21
floral heels- $23 at forever 21
distressed denim shorts- $18 at forever 21
nautical slub top- $16 at forever 21

it's crisp, it's cool, but it still manages to have a level of chicness to it. i've really been loving the nautical look recently, and these loose kinds of shirts are great because they're super forgiving. you could accessorize this with whatever jewelry you have in your collection- that's the beauty of the look.

steal the look:
gladiator sandals- $30 at american eagle outfitters
swan ring- $4.80 at forever 21
ruffled red dress- $23 at forever 21
bangle set- $7.80 at forever 21

i've kind of fallen in love with dresses for when the weather gets warmer. they keep you cool, and they're just so different from the typical shorts that everyone wears. this is a nice play on the typical sundress, and the sandals keep it cute and casual.

two sets. pathetic, i know. i'm just sleep-deprived, tired, stressed, and waaaay to behind on homework to even begin. forgive me. please.

lots and lots of love

Friday, May 7, 2010

huge elf coupon codes!

okay darlings, i heard about this on college fashion and had to share.

enter the code EYESALLTHEWAY at checkout, and receive 10 free mineral eyeshadows with any $20 purchase (or more). ends may 31.

amazing deal, right?

you can also get 25% all makeup cases with any order of $10 or more. use the coupon code KEEPER (ends june 1)

you can get five of elf's newest nail polishes for FREE if you're willing to be a product tester (who isn't)! use coupon code EGPOLAXA. you get a gorgeous mint, nude, lavender, taupe, and a light brown.

favorite hair products

happy may :)

it's my most favorite month, after june.

recently, i've been obsessed with hair products. i've been making consistent stops to rite aid after school, and i'm consequently broke. anyways, this is more of a routine post...

aussie 3 minute miracle- about $5 at drugstores

okay, so if you've read some of my earlier posts, you're probably kind of confused. let me explain: i've learned that it takes my hair a little while to get used to new products. when i first review this stuff, it was my first time, so my hair wasn't used to it. now, though, it is, and i love it. i use it once a week as a treat, and it leaves my hair so moisturized, it's not even funny. it has a funky kind of coconut smell that's pretty strong. i'm not crazy about it, but it's not gross or anything.

dove daily therapy shampoo- about $5 in drugstores

i only use the shampoo from here, because i'm not a fan of the conditioner. it leaves your hair with a clean, soap scent, and really cleans your hair. my hair feels really soft after i use it- i'm happy with it :)

garnier fructis sleek and shine conditioning cream- about $4.50 at drugstores

my absolute favorite conditioner. it makes your hair silky, but it's a healthy kind of feeling. if you've ever used pantene, you know how smooth it makes your hair. my problem with pantene is that it's terrible for your hair- it's wax that makes your hair smooth. this conditioner has essential vitamins and oils that makes that a healthy kind of smooth. i've heard that the fructis line that doesn't work well for people with curly hair, but i can't say anything about that...

aussie hair insurance leave in conditioning spray- $5 at drugstores

this isn't so much a leave in conditioner as it is a protector. it protects your hair from any more damage- which i really need! it has that typical aussie coconut smell. i spray 3 spritzes on each side of my part, and i think it works. it has silk extracts in it, so it will do some conditioning, but like i said, it's definitely more of a protector.

herbal essences long term relationship conditioner- about $5 at drugstores

i use this stuff about once a week because it really helps with split ends. i haven't tried the shampoo though. it's a conditioner for long hair, and it helps prevent against split ends and breakage. i've heard that it's a lot like the break's over line, but i haven't tried that. this has satin extracts, so it really makes your hair soft. it's supposed to have a raspberry scent, but i think it's more sweet and floral.

garnier fructis leave in conditioning cream- about $4.50 at drugstores

hands down, my favorite leave in conditioner. like all products in the fructis line, it has fruit oils and vitamins in it, so it's healthy for your hair. it honestly makes my hair feel sooo soft. it's amazing. i really have fallen in love with garnier fructis :)

garnier fructis sleek and shine smoothing milk- about $4.50 at drugstores

i've heard mixed reviews about this on makeupalley- most people hate it, though. i think this doesn't work on curly hair. that's what i got out of those reviews...

none the less, i love this. i use it when i wear my hair down, because it disguises my split ends and breakage, and makes my hair look sleek and feel super soft. it has fruit waxes in it, so it's nice and au natural.

<3 you very very much

Saturday, May 1, 2010

best of mac

as you may (or may not) know, i don't have an extensive mac collection. that being said, i have a friend who does...:)

these shades might seem a tad darker to you if you have light skin, and that's because my skin is darker to most (indian complexion)

mac eyeshadow in mythology- $14.50

i absolutely adore this eyeshadow. no joke. it looks gorgeous, but not overdone. to find a shadow that does this for you, i really recommend visiting a mac counter. ask for a nice shadow that will accentuate your eye color. i guarantee you you'll be happy :) mythology, on the other hand, is a classy bronze color that can look great with brown, blue, or even green eyes. a nice universal shadow ;)

mac eyeshadow in banshee- $14.50

seriously. this shade is gorgeous. it looks gorgeous with complementing shadows, and on its own. it's a dirty taupe kind of color, and it's a luster. this really is a must have- it's definitely in my top 5 mac products.

mac paint pot in rubenesque- $16.50

i think that whenever people think of paint pots, they think of painterly. while painterly is gorgeous, there are a lot of others that are too :) rubenesque is a tad browner than painterly, and it really adds a nice pop to your eyes. i still like painterly for light-skin tone bases, though.

and my computer is going through a several phase of pms right now, which is why it refuses to let me add more pictures. to be continued...