Sunday, May 30, 2010

mac, you had me at hello

hello there gorgeouses :)

before i go off on a 'to the beach' tangent, i just wanted to tell you guys that h&m has a 20% off coupon code circulating (and you know for h&m, coupons are rare!). check for the link- it expires the 6th, i think!


here are product that you *need* from mac's to the beach collection, based off of my experience, as well as from other guru's (like pinkiecharm and xxalliecosmetics) :)

seriously you guys, you need to get to your local mac counter asap if you want anything- some of my favorite things (like the thrills lipstick) have already sold out!

mac to the beach lipstick in lazy day- $14 USD

sorry about the supersized picture :( my first choice from this collection is thrills, but you know what? lazy day comes pretty darn close. it's a beautiful pink with blue undertones, and i know what you're thinking- "i have this shade". and you probably do. but is this not the cutest packaging ever? i mean, seriously. you can get a nice, wearable lipstick that you'll get use out of, which just so happens to be the most adorable thing ever :)

mac to the beach creme bronzer- $25 USD

i *despise* orangey bronzers. they piss me off to no extent. so that's why i can't necessarily recommend weekend, the darker of the two, but beach bronze is absolutely gorgeous for those of you with fair skin. it's the kind of color that makes you look sun-kissed, and it just glides onto your skin. i really love this stuff, so i can justify the $25 price tag :)

mac to the beach lip pencil in life's a breeze- $13 USD

if you haven't picked up on it already, i'm a total sucker for pink lips :) again, this is kind of a generic color, but i honestly think that you'll get use out of it. how often are you going to use a bright orange lip pencil? and, i'm not sure how well the picture shows this, but the seaweed-esque design on the end of the pencil actually corresponds with the shade. nifty, eh?

body part to follow... pinky promise!