Friday, May 7, 2010

favorite hair products

happy may :)

it's my most favorite month, after june.

recently, i've been obsessed with hair products. i've been making consistent stops to rite aid after school, and i'm consequently broke. anyways, this is more of a routine post...

aussie 3 minute miracle- about $5 at drugstores

okay, so if you've read some of my earlier posts, you're probably kind of confused. let me explain: i've learned that it takes my hair a little while to get used to new products. when i first review this stuff, it was my first time, so my hair wasn't used to it. now, though, it is, and i love it. i use it once a week as a treat, and it leaves my hair so moisturized, it's not even funny. it has a funky kind of coconut smell that's pretty strong. i'm not crazy about it, but it's not gross or anything.

dove daily therapy shampoo- about $5 in drugstores

i only use the shampoo from here, because i'm not a fan of the conditioner. it leaves your hair with a clean, soap scent, and really cleans your hair. my hair feels really soft after i use it- i'm happy with it :)

garnier fructis sleek and shine conditioning cream- about $4.50 at drugstores

my absolute favorite conditioner. it makes your hair silky, but it's a healthy kind of feeling. if you've ever used pantene, you know how smooth it makes your hair. my problem with pantene is that it's terrible for your hair- it's wax that makes your hair smooth. this conditioner has essential vitamins and oils that makes that a healthy kind of smooth. i've heard that the fructis line that doesn't work well for people with curly hair, but i can't say anything about that...

aussie hair insurance leave in conditioning spray- $5 at drugstores

this isn't so much a leave in conditioner as it is a protector. it protects your hair from any more damage- which i really need! it has that typical aussie coconut smell. i spray 3 spritzes on each side of my part, and i think it works. it has silk extracts in it, so it will do some conditioning, but like i said, it's definitely more of a protector.

herbal essences long term relationship conditioner- about $5 at drugstores

i use this stuff about once a week because it really helps with split ends. i haven't tried the shampoo though. it's a conditioner for long hair, and it helps prevent against split ends and breakage. i've heard that it's a lot like the break's over line, but i haven't tried that. this has satin extracts, so it really makes your hair soft. it's supposed to have a raspberry scent, but i think it's more sweet and floral.

garnier fructis leave in conditioning cream- about $4.50 at drugstores

hands down, my favorite leave in conditioner. like all products in the fructis line, it has fruit oils and vitamins in it, so it's healthy for your hair. it honestly makes my hair feel sooo soft. it's amazing. i really have fallen in love with garnier fructis :)

garnier fructis sleek and shine smoothing milk- about $4.50 at drugstores

i've heard mixed reviews about this on makeupalley- most people hate it, though. i think this doesn't work on curly hair. that's what i got out of those reviews...

none the less, i love this. i use it when i wear my hair down, because it disguises my split ends and breakage, and makes my hair look sleek and feel super soft. it has fruit waxes in it, so it's nice and au natural.

<3 you very very much