Friday, May 21, 2010

favorite (and least) scents from bath and body works

warning: scents are different for everyone. everyone likes different things, but these are products that i really like (or dislike). here's my 'scent profile', if you will:
slightly musky undertones
powdery undertones
floral tones
warm comforting smells

strong fruity smells
anything coconut
things with verbena
strong musky smells

also, if you see a picture of a product, like a shower gel, that doesn't mean i'm partial to the product. it's just the only way of finding a picture of the name of the scent. if that makes sense.

japanese cherry blossom

by far my favorite scent from bbw. it's such a complex smell, which is why i love bath and body works so much. they take seemingly simple scents and make them so...sophisticated. this one doesn't smell like plain old cherry blossom. no. it has sweet vanilla undertones, but also has a general perfume like appearance. no matter which type you buy this product in, the scent is bound to be amazing!

warm vanilla sugar

it's no secret that one of the best ways to get noticeable scent is by layering. this is especially true with warm vanilla sugar. it's a sweet, musky scent that's absolutely perfect for fall/winter. like japanese cherry blossom, it also smells a bit like a perfume, which is why i love layering it- the shower gel with the body lotion, and occasionally the body mist. it's such a warm, welcoming smell for me, and it reminds me of home.

enchanted orchid

this is definitely one of the most complex floral scents i've ever smelled. it's an obvious sweet floral, but it has a powdery undertone to it. it's kind of confusing to explain- i really urge you to try it out. i love this scent for spring, and especially in a body lotion. be warned- if you hate sweet smells, this isn't for you!

cotton blossom

so it's not bbw's most popular scent: does that mean it's terrible? no! i happen to adore this scent. i know sea fresh linen, or whatever, is very popular, but honestly, that smell has no depth to me. this is a cotton scent with powdery undertones, kind of like enchanted orchid, but 'cleaner'. i really love the body lotion in this scent- it makes you feel clean, refreshed, and uplifted.

and now... the one bath and body work's scent i

coconut lime verbena

rewind to about a year ago, or before bbw did this major reform on their products. one of my friends had a coconut lime verbena body butter, and when i smelled it, i felt like i was in heaven. i fell in love with this scent. fast forward to about a month ago. i was in bbw, and trying to find some product to make some kind of bogo deal or whatever. brainspark, let's try that coconut lime verbena stuff that smelled so good! initial reaction: bleh. final reaction: bleh. this scent honestly just makes me feel sick. to my stomach. it's overly sweet, and i just can't stand coconut undertones! to make matters worse, this kind of developed my hatrid for verbena- i now can't tolerate the dove go fresh body wash in pomegranate and lemon verbena.