Saturday, May 1, 2010

best of mac

as you may (or may not) know, i don't have an extensive mac collection. that being said, i have a friend who does...:)

these shades might seem a tad darker to you if you have light skin, and that's because my skin is darker to most (indian complexion)

mac eyeshadow in mythology- $14.50

i absolutely adore this eyeshadow. no joke. it looks gorgeous, but not overdone. to find a shadow that does this for you, i really recommend visiting a mac counter. ask for a nice shadow that will accentuate your eye color. i guarantee you you'll be happy :) mythology, on the other hand, is a classy bronze color that can look great with brown, blue, or even green eyes. a nice universal shadow ;)

mac eyeshadow in banshee- $14.50

seriously. this shade is gorgeous. it looks gorgeous with complementing shadows, and on its own. it's a dirty taupe kind of color, and it's a luster. this really is a must have- it's definitely in my top 5 mac products.

mac paint pot in rubenesque- $16.50

i think that whenever people think of paint pots, they think of painterly. while painterly is gorgeous, there are a lot of others that are too :) rubenesque is a tad browner than painterly, and it really adds a nice pop to your eyes. i still like painterly for light-skin tone bases, though.

and my computer is going through a several phase of pms right now, which is why it refuses to let me add more pictures. to be continued...