Thursday, May 20, 2010

new mac collection? yes yes yes!


being a relatively new mac-addict, new collections are always exciting. to the beach is the quintessential summer set, with fun vibrant colors perfect for the warm weather. what's in the collection?

3 gorgeous fun funky eyeshadows. shown in shimmermoss, fire cracker, and sweet and punchy. i say they're all must-haves for anyone looking to expand their collection :)

there are three pencils in this collection as well- in order from left to right, life's a breeze, float on bay, and temperature's rising. float on is obviously the eye kohl. would look great under the blueish shadow, no?

i'm sorry, this post is getting very picture heavy. as with everything i do, this has to be 2 parts, because a.) finals time! yay! (pshh) and b.) 30 rock is on :)

can't wait? check out more from the collection at:

photos courtesy of musings of amuse.