Sunday, July 4, 2010

drugstore deals: JULY 4-10

hey lovely frugalistas :)

sales vary by area, however, for the most part, they are the same. all of this info should be true for those of you on the east.

remember that to get most of these deals, you need to have the Wellness+ card, which is free, and you can apply for online or in store.

+UP rewards print on the bottom of your receipt, and are essentially like a "gift card" in the specified amount. it's just like CVS ExtraBucks.

- all of the new Pantene products are on sale for 2 for $7. there have been countless coupons for the new line, so use the best one that you have lying around. there were a bunch in last week's PARADE magazine. rite aid is also offering a $2 +UP reward on your purchase of 2 Pantene items, bringing your total waaaay down.

-all CoverGirl cosmetics are buy one get one 50% off, but this isn't that great of a sale. i would wait for a bogo free.

-most Vaseline products are on sale for $4.99, with a $1 +UP reward being offered for each one you buy. this might be a good time to try out that new cocoa butter body butter that i love :)

- most Aussie and Herbal Essences products are on sale for $2.99 (which is great for HE- when was the last time they were on sale?!?!) there's a $.50 off coupon in most papers, *and* RA is offering a $1 +UP reward for a product (you can only get one per transaction). this is a great deal for both HE and Aussie!

- there are 3 RiteAid exclusive coupons in the flyer- $2 off any Clean&Clear purchase, $2 off any EcoTools body purchase, and $1.50 off any Neutrogena skin care product.

- Maybelline lip and nail cosmetics are bogo 50% off, and there is a +UP reward for all ShineSensational glosses.

-L'Oreal Everstrong products are on sale for $5.99

-most Almay face stuff is on sale for $9.99

-most Blistex and Carmex products are on sale for $.99


for most of these sales, you will need CVS' ExtraCare card, which is a free rewards card available in store and online.

ExtraBucks are similar to +UP rewards from Rite Aid.

-Pantene products are on sale for $5.99, with a $2 ExtraBucks reward (i say just get them from Rite Aid!)

-Neutrogena skincare is on sale for only $8!

-CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion is $8, various eye and lip products are $7, and Clean Makeup is $6.

-Maybelline face, and all L'Oreal cosmetics are bogo 50% off.

-Dove shampoo/conditioners are 2/$6, body washes and soap packs are $6, and deodorants are 2/$5.


RegisterRewards are similar to ExtraBucks and +UP rewards

-most Dove products are 4/$15, and a purchase of $15 in participating products lands you a $5 RegisterRewards.

-most Olay, Pantene, Aussie, and Head&Shoulders large-size hair/skin products are on sale for $5.99.

-all Aussie and Herbal Essences styling products are on sale for $2.99

-Maybelline, CoverGirl, and Revlon face/lip products are bogo 50% off.