Wednesday, April 28, 2010

tv series: glee

so the point of a blog is to talk about your everyday life, right?

well i kind of want to talk about some tv shows. just a recap of each episode from each week.

i know i sold this as a fashion blog. and if you hate these kinds of things, feel free to not read this. i promise i'll post a beauty thing each day i post tv one.

so here's a little recap of yesterday's website. basically, april (remember her as the drunken one who had a beautiful voice but was always well...drunk, so will kicked her out?) came back. sue had booked the entire gym for her cheerios, so will needed a place to practice. low and behold, april. she was with a guy who owned a rollerskating rink. april rented it out to will and the glee club. she invites her self over to will's to spend the night, and he at first makes her sleep on the couch, but she later moves to his bed. don't get your hopes up. nothing happens. ;)

meanwhile, sue told mercedes that she needs to loose 10 pounds in one week, in time for sue's interview with a magazine. mercedes eats healthy, yet proceeds to gain 2 pounds in a couple of days. she then begins extreme dieting, and later passes out in the cafeteria. former cheerleader quinn comes to her rescue, and sits with her to talk it out. then, during a pep rally organized by sue to show off to the magazine guy, mercedes breaks the plan, and instead talks about body image. kind of.

during all of this, kurt and finn's dad and mom, respectively, had been going out. kurt got them together so he could live with finn (who he has a crush on, remember?) eventually they both realize it's not working out so hot, so they attempt to break them up. attempt being the key word here.

and that's what you missed on glee :)