Sunday, March 28, 2010

best of the drugstore (part one of ?)

so if you've been following me for a while, you know that me and the drugstore are very good friends. these are some of the best products that i've found so far, but this list will change a lot :)

best foundation

cover girl's clean makeup- $7 at most drugstores, but it's on sale a lot

a good foundation because it's not very thick, and doesn't give you very heavy coverage. it doesn't draw attention to any dry spots on your face, and is breathable. one word of caution- i have dry skin, and this still made my skin glisten, so if your skin is oily, this might not be the best product for you.

best mascara

covergirl's lash blast- $7-8 at drugstores

love the sense of organization, eh? ;) i like this mascara a lot because it has a nice brush, and the formula is one of the best that i've tried. it doesn't flake, and while there can be a clumping issue if you have a heavy hand, you normally won't have a problem. easily the best mascara looming in the drugstore.

best blush

maybelline's dream matte mousse blush in soft plum- $7 at drugstores

my favorite shade is soft plum, but i have a dark complexion. this has a gorgeous consistency, and if you blend it out, it gives you a nice, natural glow. there's a pretty good shade selection too. i like this a lot more than powder blushes.

3 for i don't have an excuse next time, that i don't have something to write about.

and i have a spanish test tomorrow. please pray for me :)