Wednesday, March 17, 2010

why hello there, neglected blogspot

long time no see :(

i've been busy. very busy. my days have consisted of coming home from school, watching tv on hulu, regretting watching tv, and then homework, homework, homework. fml.

on top of that, it's a toasty 65 frickin degrees outside. in the middle of march? seriously? i just want school to be *over*

anyways, to get into the spring spirit, here are some pieces that would be a great addition to your spring wardrobe. and yess, i know i do a million of these, but right now, i honestly don't have a lot of time to spend on blogspot.

also, i have to take a little break from my youtube because a.) i don't have much time b.) i'm almost never home alone anymore because my mom has this month off from work

on with the post...

ruffle top at american eagle outfitters

how cute? it seems like every season ruffles are 'in', but i still think that this is a classic piece. it could be cute and casual, or you could dress it up with a skirt and some heels.

crochet lace tank at american eagle outfitters

i love these kinds of tank tops because you can wear them on their own in summer, and throw on a jacket or cardigan in spring. they're cute, they're fun, and they're just about everywhere.

paris love graphic t at american eagle outfitters

i don't even know why i like this one so much, but i ran out to ae and bought it when it was on sale for $10. let's just say i'm a sucker for anything remotely french.

embellished flats at american eagle outfitters

not the quintessential summer shoes by a long stretch, i still think these guys are cute. when you want a little more polished look, throw them on instead of your regular flip flops, or even gladiators.

shiny detailed skirt at american eagle outfitters

pretty pretty pretty. i love that this little metallic shimmers catch the light when you turn, and look absolutely gorgeous. the pale pastel colors also make this skirt perfect for spring.

rose flower dress at forever 21

this dress is gorgeous. i love big floral prints (although they look terrible on me), and the high waisted skirt kind of mediates the overwhelming print. it's cute how the people at forever 21 paired it with a long necklace- it looks stunning, doesn't it?

black and white lace dress at forever 21

another dress that i absolutely adore. ties in with the whole vintage look, no? very cute, and of course, very affordable!

floral tank top at forever 21

this shirt yells summer in my face. which is exactly why i love it so much. it's one of the prettiest floral tops i've yet to see. like i said before, it would still look great with a simple cardi or jacket on top.

all for now