Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring deals you can't afford to miss!

hey there :)

let's start off with american eagle:"

bunch of cute graphic t's and tanks for only $10!

some super cute flats, perfect for spring, on sale at ae for only $11.95. killer deal because ae shoes are super comfy!

this cute little bandeau top is on sale for under $15, as are its bottoms. might not sound like that great of a deal, but it's such a cute little swim suit!

charlotte russe

$19 denim shorts, sunglasses are 2 for $10, and all spring tops are $13.50. niceeee.

this adorable little chambray (very in!) href="">">dress is under $15, and has a cute vintage feel to it.

and then forever 21, which is in a class of its own

everything on this page is absolutely amazing, because it's so much cheaper than forever 21's already cheap prices!

now, for the real kicker, get laura mercier makeup for $4. no joke.

how you ask?

one sec, before i forget, check out this site for great deals...they highlight all the sales. everywhere.

sorry about that.

neiman marcus is offering a $23 laura mercier lip stain for free with any purchase of lm cosmetics. so here's what you do: buy the cheapest thing she makes (a pencil sharpener for $3 and change). and you get a lip stain and sharpener for about $4. with tax! and, free shipping when you use the code btybag

you can also do this with bobbi brown, except that you only get a clear lip gloss :(

lots and lots of cheapo love
lise <3