Monday, March 8, 2010

REVIEW: soft lips chapstick

ahh, softlips

you've probably heard of it from some guru (like juicystar07 or xteeener). it's this heaven in a tube called softlips.

there are three main 'types' of softlips:

these are the original kind, and they come in cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and vanilla. in some combo packs, you can get special flavors, like mint with vanilla. the scents are all pretty dead on.

these are the tinted softlips. there's also a bronze one that isn't pictured, but the two above are pearl and rose. i'm not a huge fan of these but i'll get into that in a sec.

these are the softlips 'pure', the organic kind. most of these were actually discontinued, and the two that they replaced the collection with are honeydew and pomegranate.

i own from the:
original line- vanilla, raspberry, cherry, mint with vanilla
tinted line- pearl and rose
pure line- mint and chai tea (both discontinued)

these really are great chapsticks. what i love about them are the tingle that you get when you first put them on. it's very...refreshing. these are white in the tube, but come on clear. overall, one of my favorite chapsticks.

i really am not that thrilled with these. the amount of tint that you get is so miniscule, you might as well not even call it tinted. it barely gives you a pearl like shine. the scent also isn't that amazing, mostly because it is unidentifiable.

all of the flavors i have have been discontinued. however, you probably can still find them in stores. i really like the mint one because it's so refreshing and clean. the chai tea, on the other hand, doesn't really have much flavor.

price- varies between $3 and $4, but is currently on sale at rite aid for $.99!!!!!
quantity- all varieties except for pure come with two to a pack