Friday, September 25, 2009

How to Wear: the Sweater Dress

I've had a lot of you request that I create a collection on how to wear certain items, so here's the first installment: the sweater dress.

What I adore about sweater dresses is that anyone can pull them off. You'll be able to find them at any major store- Forever 21, Macy's, H&M...the picture that I have above are actually from Gap, but I'm not sure if they still cary that exact style.

Choose your body type:
Pear (triangular upward)- to show off your nice figure, choose a well-fitting sweater dress. If it's too slouchy, it'll make you appear heavier. Pair the dress with some footless tights, and either pumps if the dress is long, or stiletto boots if it's shorter. If you think that the dress lacks definition, throw on a belt right underneath the bust. As for accessories, long necklaces tend to look better than shorter ones, but statement necklaces also look cute.

Hourglass (opposing triangles)- to accentuate your waist, choose a looser fitting sweater dress, and then cinch it at the waist with a cute belt. I like pairing tights with sweater dresses just because it makes the look appear much more composed. For shoes, stick with a trusty pair of cage heels or flats. For accessories, a simple statement necklace will do the job just fine.

Banana (rectangle)- Pair a medium fitting sweater dress (not too fitting, not too slouchy) with some footless tights. Add some high boots or stilettos. Accessories are what makes this look shine- bangle bracelets and long layered necklaces look amazing!