Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Lace Cami: 5 ways

Hey there :)

So many of you have asked me to do a collection of looks based off of one simple piece. So here it is, our first installment. Aren't you excited?!

For this 'episode', I chose to showcase the lace cami. I think it's one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe, and that every woman/girl should have one.

My lace cami is from Forever 21. I think I got it for around $5.80. They have them in a million different colors- black, white, gray, pink... Which reminds me: if you ever need a cami, any kind, go to Forever 21. Plain camis are only $2.50! Anyways...

IMPORTANT- My camera cord is lost (again...who's not suprised), so there won't be any pictures of the outfits, but if you want to see what they look like. visit my youtube channel ( to see the outfits in a video that I made.

Look 1- Over a Basic T'shirt

a basic blue t-shirt (I used a navy blue one that I'm pretty sure I bought from Target, but you can find them almost anywhere. Alternatively, if you can't find a plain one, just use a graphic one, but make sure your cami covers the design)

a lace cami (obviously)

skinny jeans (you could really use any kind of jean, but I find that skinny goes best with this whole look. Mine are a dark wash pair from American Eagle, but don't feel like that's your only option!)

some dangly earrings- for my look, I used a vintage pair from my mom's wardrobe, but almost anything will look great.

a cute necklace- I used one that was just three strands and was beaded with little flowers, but almost any necklace will work. I think that longer ones tend to look better though. If you're really in a pinch, google how to make a necklace out of recycled paper beads- it will look fab with your cami!


Start with your navy blue t'shirt and skinny jeans. Throw the lace cami on top, and just put on your earrings and your necklace. It's almost fool proof. Scratch that, it is! For shoes, I really like Converses, but flats or flip flops would both also look cute

Look 2- Under a v’neck

Here, I pair my dependable cami with a v-neck that has some detailing at the neckline. This will bring emphasis there, and make you look slimmer. I pair it with a vest because this look is kind of plain on its own, don’t you think?


Pink batik top- Urban Outfitters (they have some great original pieces. This particular top is a dark pink color, with a v-neck that has some detailing on the neck- think the design of sequins without the sparkle.)
Cardigan vest- Forever 21 (for only $4! Don’t ever leave that store without checking out the sales rack! This one is a charcoal color and hits mid thigh)
Skinny jeans- Macy’s (I know, right? I never thought they had good clothes either. Mine are light wash.)
Shoes- black flats or flip flops


Pair the lace cami underneath the v-neck with detailing, then throw on your cardigan vest, jeans, and shoes. For earrings, I would use a silver dangly pair, but use your imagination because I'm not skilled that way :)

Option 3- Under a cardigan

I like this look because you get to see all of the cami, but you’ll still stay warm for those colder days. Paired with a cardigan and a tank underneath, how can you go wrong!


Cardigan- American Eagle (for about $20, give or take. Mine is an indigo color and has some medium brown big buttons.)
Tank- H&M (they have really good quality tanks here- it’s worth the money, considering how often you wear tanks. It's a jersey knit and it's just plain white, but you could play around with the colors)
Jeans- American Eagle (dark wash skinnies)
Shoes- silver flats
Earrings- some nice dangly studs would look cute
Necklace- a simple glass pendant, dog tag, or a cluster necklace


Piece your lace cami over your tank top, then throw on the cardigan. Put on your jeans, shoes, and accessories. (I feel incredibly stupid writing this out- like you guys don't know how to dress yourself or something :P)

Option 4- With a vest

I love this look mostly because of its simplicity! I pair my lace cami with a faintly striped top, and then piece it together with this cute cardigan vest.


Shirt- American Eagle (it's a fuschia color with faint stripes in a slightly darker color. It's short sleeve and a slub style)
Vest- Forever 21 (the same cardigan vest I described earlier)
Jeans- Forever 21 (gray ones)
Shoes- flip flops
Earrings- Spain


Pair the cami either under or over the top (your call here), and then throw on the vest and jeans.

Option 5- With a graphic t’

I absolutely adore this option because we all have graphic t’s, and this is a cute way to make them more than ordinary. Mine is a v-neck, so I *have* to wear something underneath, but you could try this with some scoopnecks too


Graphic v'neck- Urban Outfitters (it's a baby blue with a bunch of artsy designs on it in a whole crapload of colors)
Jeans- Forever 21 (navy blue regular fit)
Shoes- Converses
Earrings- I made them out of an H&M tag! Tell me in the comments if you guys want a tutorial on how to make them


You all know this right? Just put the cami underneath the v-neck...