Wednesday, February 10, 2010

spring essentials

jambo, friends.
yesss, i've been watching mean girls. again. :)

cage pumps. they're edgy, they're cute, and they really tie in with this whole 80s flashback that seems to be going on. this pair is $90 from aldo, but you can find a pair for a third of the price at forever 21. what a surprise.

vintage dresses. this is a prairie style one, but almost any one that gives off that 'i've-been-sitting-in-grandma's-closet-for-half-a-century' vibe would work. this one is cute, but not overdoing it, and is from forever 21. try your local thrift store for some affordable ones. not that forever 21 isn't...

bomber jackets. again with the whole rocker deal. look at them as the boyfriend blazers for this season. they're everywhere. they can dress up (or down, for that matter) any outfit, and you can score some good faux-leather ones at reasonable prices. this one's from delias.

anything assymetrical. these kinds of pieces are edgy, yet fun. this one has a bat wing sleeve, so it's even more fun. great for a night out. this is from forever 21, but i've seen some nice ones in h&m that aren't quite so...bold.

chain t's. so maybe you think that these are the biggest fashion faux-pas this season, but they're still all over the place. they're some cute ways that you can wear them without looking tacky, so look around on polyvore if you want some ideas. this is from pac sun, but these guys have taken over a lot of other stores too.

something studded. easily the biggest 'trend' this season. it's hard to find something in forever 21 that's not covered in the stuff. that being said, you do want to be careful. you can look like a hot mess if you pair a studded t' with some studded boots, and then some studded bracelets and earrings. and yeah, i've seen it...

to be continued...
shoveling the driveway awaits