Thursday, February 25, 2010

spring collections: AMERICAN EAGLE

hey girlies :)

national mean girls status day on facebook. thought you should know :)

ahh, american eagle. everybody labels it as a 'prep' store, but it honestly does have some cute stuff that doesn't have 'american eagle' plastered all over it. here are some highlights from the new spring collection (which came out in january. am i the only one who thinks this is just a tad weird?)

this skirt is nothing short of adorable. there are so many different ways that you could wear a cute little skirt like this.

i love this vest because it's kind of edgy, but still feminine. again, you can wear with a lot of different things, and it would still look incredibly cute, and would add a touch of chic to whatever you wear it with.

crocheted shirts like this are very cute because they have a nice boho kind of feel to them. this is a nice loose, forgiving shirt, so it can camouflage any fat you might have...

what a cute sweater! this is a nice play on your normal sweater because (obviously!) of that gorgeous detailing on the shoulders. detailed shoulders are very in right now, and this is definitely a must have piece!

edgy. cute. pretty. i love this tank top. period.