Friday, February 5, 2010


hey :)

were you aware of how amazing hot chocolate tastes on a cold winter day? I forgot. I went to the doctor, who told me I need to gain some weight, so now I get to eat all of this fattening shit. e.g. hot chocolate. :)

not entirely sure what to blog about, so when in doubt, polyvore!
OUTFIT #1- Casual. Ish.

steal the look;
(for links, visit my set at polyvore, where you'll find links to each item)

pink tiered cami. $18.50 at wet seal.
gray cardigan. $18 at forever 21.
navy skinny jeans. $24.95 at american eagle outfitters.
embellished flats. $24.95 at american eagle outfitters.
statement necklace. $40 at
silver bracelets. $15 at aldo shoes.

This outfit is really cute because you can wear it anywhere. It's casual enough for school, yet dressy enough for a night out with friends. The ruffled cami is a great piece to have because it can be worn so many different ways. You can swap out the statement necklace for a long cluster one, if that's more you.

OUTFIT #2. Night out with friends.

Untitled by
steal the look:
zipper pocket tee. $11 at forever 21.
leather jacket. available at h&m stores in europe.
studded booties. $37 at forever 21.
tights. available anywhere.
studded bracelet. $68 at piperlime.
black and gold earrings. $68 at piperlime.

This outfit is dressy in a different kind of way! It combines several different trends, without being too over the top, like zippers, studs, and booties. If the leather jacket is too much for you, you can swap it out for a black cardigan or jacket.

OUTFIT #3. Casual

steal the look:
bling cardigan. $40 at american eagle outfitters. and no, i didn't make up that name. that's what the store calls it ;)
je t'adore graphic tank. $23 at forever 21.
medium wash boyfriend jeans. $35 at american eagle outfitters.
ruched flats. $35 at monsoon.
silver slouchy bag. $35 at H&M stores in europe and canada.

This outfit is cute to wear to school, something else that's casual like that. Converse would also look cute with it. The graphic tank is a really versatile piece because in the summer, you can wear it with shorts, and in the winter, you can layer it up so you don't get too cold!

toodles :)