Wednesday, February 10, 2010

spring essentials (continued)

a high waisted skirt. i think i have an unhealthy obsession with these things. they can be dressy. they can be casual. and, skirts are insanely comftorable. and, as if you needed another reason to go to forever 21, it's on sale for $8.99.

something embellished with zippers. i honestly have three words to say about this: so. effin. versatile.

a military sweater. i always hate it when people are like 'run to this store and buy this!'. so i won't say that. but you seriously want to get this. it's on sale in forever 21 for $9. this sweater carries in the whole 'military gone wrong' theme while keeping you warm. what more could you want?

a 'bowed' shirt. these are so cute and add a nice feminine touch to your wardrobe. bows seriously are everywhere this season. this one's embellished with sequins, which also are like the plague in stores like forever 21. this particular top is from delias, but almost any store is bound to have one like this.

some kind of rockerish accessory- it can add some interest to almost any boring outfit. this chain bracelet is especially cute because it's edgy, but not overdone. any studded bracelet or zipper earrings could also have the same effect.