Monday, February 15, 2010

high waisted skirts


high waisted skirts. god i love those things. i wear them *a lot* just because they're a great way to add a nice chic touch to your outfit. and if you choose one that's good quality, they're super comfy.

all these skirts are from urban outfitters, just because forever 21's website is being a moody old man and not letting me copy pictures. you can find skirts that look a lot like the pictured ones for half the price at f21 though, so don't be turned off!

i didn't include just a regular banded high waisted skirt just because we all know what those look like. no point in me showing you again...

urban outfitters- $48

this kind of a tulip skirt is great because it adds some interest to what would otherwise be a boring skirt. it looks absolutely gorgeous here with a skinny belt in a contrasting color, because it really draws your attention to the waist, instead of some other areas where you might have 'fat pads'. ew. that even sounded gross.

urban outfitters- $48

i think i included this in one of my random roundups, and for good reason; it's so gorgeous! it would look great a million different ways, but especially with some black tights and ankle boots. it's a nice versatile piece, and i'm pretty sure that forever 21 would have a version like this for a looot less.

urban outfitters- $48

this is definitely not what comes to mind when you think of high waisted skirts. that's why i like it so much. i think it has a nice boho feel to it, but it's not overdone. and by that i mean you can wear it with gladiators and not feel oh-so-tacky.

love <3 <3 <3