Sunday, February 28, 2010

favorites: nail polish

oh hello there :)

Revlon's Wine With Everything (far left)

i love this shade because it really looks like a harsh red, but it comes off with much deeper, berry-like undertones. this is the kind of color that can look gorgeous on almost any skin type, too.

OPI's Flashbulb Fuschia

even on a computer, this shade comes across as stunning. the color is definitely more of a summer one, but i still love it. and, opi's quality can't be beat, so this stuff is not going to budge from your nails for a loooong time.

Sally Hansen's Royal Romance

love in a bottle. this (at least for me) is a really unique shade because of the silverish undertones. it's a color that i would wear in any season. it's a nice gentle color, great for those days when you have enough of a statement in your clothes.

Sephora by OPI's Too Good for Him

serious gorgeousness. this looks like the kind of stuff that's stunning in the bottle, but then comes out kind of tacky and clearish on your nails. yeah. no. this stuff is really nice because it has a purplish base to it, so you definitely don't have to worry about that.

China Glaze's Seduce Me

it's not a unique shade. i'll give you that. but what it is is a stunning reddish color that somehow manages to have these subtle berryish undertones. and i know that doesn't really make much sense. i know it's hard to justify forking over $6 for a bottle of nail polish (let alone the $8 for opi) but if you look online (like you can find some sites that offer opi and china glaze polishes supperrr cheap.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

spring collections: WET SEAL

hola hola hola :)

i got a video up on my channel on youtube...

and yessss, i'm fully aware that i look like a mess. it's 1 in the morning, i think. my apologies.

anyways, let's get on with the post:

these items are from the 'mix it up' collection, only because this is really the only 'spring' collection wet seal has released so far.


this dress is absolutely adorable. i know we all probably have a floral dress sitting somewhere in the back of our closets, but for some reason, this seems different. i think that it's the fact that this looks kind of high-waisted; something that's super in for spring.


i don't know about you, but personally, i'm sick of wearing scarves all bunched up around my neck to stay warm. that's why i love these kinds of scarves- they're perfect for spring because there's not too much bulk around your neck.


absolute gorgeousness. i'm usually not a huge heels person just because i'm a klutz, but these are so cute. they also come in brown and black if blue isn't really your thing. i think they're a nice play on the traditional gladiator.


i don't even know why i like these shorts so much. i think it's because the braided belt adds a nice little touch, which really separates these from other shorts. they're cute, and perfect for spring.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

spring collections: AMERICAN EAGLE

hey girlies :)

national mean girls status day on facebook. thought you should know :)

ahh, american eagle. everybody labels it as a 'prep' store, but it honestly does have some cute stuff that doesn't have 'american eagle' plastered all over it. here are some highlights from the new spring collection (which came out in january. am i the only one who thinks this is just a tad weird?)

this skirt is nothing short of adorable. there are so many different ways that you could wear a cute little skirt like this.

i love this vest because it's kind of edgy, but still feminine. again, you can wear with a lot of different things, and it would still look incredibly cute, and would add a touch of chic to whatever you wear it with.

crocheted shirts like this are very cute because they have a nice boho kind of feel to them. this is a nice loose, forgiving shirt, so it can camouflage any fat you might have...

what a cute sweater! this is a nice play on your normal sweater because (obviously!) of that gorgeous detailing on the shoulders. detailed shoulders are very in right now, and this is definitely a must have piece!

edgy. cute. pretty. i love this tank top. period.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

fashion week in your closet: GOTHIC

hola amores :)

gothic. a trend that really ties in with the 80s revival going on. designers were all over the lace-adorned trend on the runway, from alexander wang to georges chakra.

black shoes- whethere they're dress shoes or pumps, these are a must.
lace- adds a nice feminine touch to a otherwise rocker-y look
sheer- pure edgyness

forever 21- $22.80

so so so so so cute. it has a nice vintage feel to it, but isn't over done. this kind of piece is great when you have an otherwise blah outfit, and you just want to add a little something.

and now...polyvore. i think i can safely say that i poly-whore. sorry about so many sets, i just needed to get a post up. promise not to poly-whore as much :)

steal the look:
oversized sweatshirt- $16 at forever 21
poplin shorts- $15 by dorothy perkins
black ballet flats- $30 at american eagle outfitters
black lace tights- $17 at
beaded chain necklace- $7 at american eagle outfitters

sorry this post is so tiny.

homework awaits...:P


Saturday, February 20, 2010


hey love faces :)

sorry about lack of posts.
one word for you: school.
ahh, fml.

promise some more posts :)

winter fashion?
fashion week?
transition pieces?



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

over the top tag

tags are always fun...

i got this tag from gclauds (please check her out! and if i couldn't think of an answer, i just left hers in

1. Where is your cell phone? right next to me :)
2. Your hair? is a mess
3. Your mother? ♥
4. Your father? ♥
5. Your favourite food? gummy bears. yeah. don't ask.
6. Your dream last night? something relating to me ending up in the backseat of a red convertible. all i remember...
7. Your favourite drink? green tea
8. Your dream/goal? just have my life work out. that's all.
9. What room are you in? el basement-o. have you ever noticed that to speak spanish, you basically just add an a or o to the end of something? interesante
10. Your hobbies? reading, writing, fashion, swimming
11. Your fears? closed spaces
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years time? in paris
13. Where were you last night? watching the olympics while attempting to write a paper. yeah, that didn't work out that great. fyi.
14. Something you aren't? homophobic
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. Wish list items? a tv for my room
17. Where did you grow up? where i live now
18. Last thing you did? watch a gclauds vid :)
19. What are you wearing? tights, skirt, shirt. screw you, uniform.
20. Your TV? upstairs
21. Your pets? nonesies
22. Your friends? probably doing something more thrilling than i am
23. Your life? isn't that great
24. Your mood? tired
25. Missing someone? friends. family. i'm a little cliche.
26. Vehicle? psh, i doubt i'll ever get one
27. Something you're not wearing? an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini
28. Your favourite store? forever 21 :)
29. Your favourite colour? blue and gray and purple
30. When was the last time you laughed? watching a community channel video
31. Last time you cried? a while ago, actually
32. Your best friend? is in vail. skiing. fml.
33. One place you go over and over? whaaat?
34. One person who emails regularly? facebook. yesss, thats what my life has come to.
35. Favourite place to eat? chipotle!!!!


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

RANDOM ROUNDUP: wishes, disses, and just plain blaaah

happy tuesday lovelies :)

so i'm thinking about doing a post later on this week about fashion week. any objections?

i seriously think i need to change this title. in all of my posts, i've never dissed anything yet...

forever 21- $10.80

how cute is this dress? off the top of my head, i can think of at least ten ways to wear this. plus, there's no way you can beat the price. reason 109 of why i love f21...

forever 21- $28.80

so it's february. and it's 'not practical' to buy this now. pshh. it's so incredibly cute. i think i've seen something a lot like it on a runway. of course, it was much more expensive. but this kind of a dress is just fun to have- even if you don't wear it a lot, it'll make you smile every time you see it in you closet :)

sephora- $34

aaah. i need this. i really want to try out laura mercier makeup, it's just that it's so expensive! this looks like a good buy, though, because you can try a little of almost everything. that's why i love value sets like this.

yay! i love ohno! make us proud :)

god do i love this collection. the clothes are just so fun and absolutely stunning! they're those kinds of pieces that actual people could wear. how about that?


Monday, February 15, 2010

high waisted skirts


high waisted skirts. god i love those things. i wear them *a lot* just because they're a great way to add a nice chic touch to your outfit. and if you choose one that's good quality, they're super comfy.

all these skirts are from urban outfitters, just because forever 21's website is being a moody old man and not letting me copy pictures. you can find skirts that look a lot like the pictured ones for half the price at f21 though, so don't be turned off!

i didn't include just a regular banded high waisted skirt just because we all know what those look like. no point in me showing you again...

urban outfitters- $48

this kind of a tulip skirt is great because it adds some interest to what would otherwise be a boring skirt. it looks absolutely gorgeous here with a skinny belt in a contrasting color, because it really draws your attention to the waist, instead of some other areas where you might have 'fat pads'. ew. that even sounded gross.

urban outfitters- $48

i think i included this in one of my random roundups, and for good reason; it's so gorgeous! it would look great a million different ways, but especially with some black tights and ankle boots. it's a nice versatile piece, and i'm pretty sure that forever 21 would have a version like this for a looot less.

urban outfitters- $48

this is definitely not what comes to mind when you think of high waisted skirts. that's why i like it so much. i think it has a nice boho feel to it, but it's not overdone. and by that i mean you can wear it with gladiators and not feel oh-so-tacky.

love <3 <3 <3

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Hey :)

I'm on my ituch right now, so this is taking the better part of forever, but i just wanted to say that I might not be able to get that many posts up this week bc of school. I mean, last week I was getting up at least one everyday, but we got the whole week offf from school bc we were snowed in.

Anyways, thanks for sticking with :)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

problem solvers

hola :)

so the title's kind of tacky, eh?

it's early. i don't function right in the morning.

corrector concealer. this palette is especially good because it has four different shades. the nude shades you can use as regular concealer, but the green concealer is great if you have acne, because it tones down the red, and the lilac is perfect if you have some yellow undertones in your skin. plus, this is only $3! elf (eyes lips face) is could buy the whole collection without going broke.

white eye pencils. if you apply it to the inner corner of your eye, it makes you look a whole lot more awake. i swear to god, i go through sticks of this stuff during finals. just make sure that you use a good quality one, because you don't want to be putting cheap stuff in your eyes. bad scene.

ridge filler. one of my biggest pet peeves is those annoying little ridges on my nails underneath nail polish. this stuff by essie lasts a long time, and fixes the problem. if $8 is too much for you, i'm pretty sure ulta brand makes their own for a couple of bucks cheaper, though i'm not sure how it works.

lip shimmers. you know what's annoying? when you put something on your lips for color, and it feels like it's just sitting on top of them, and weighs a million pounds. of course, good ol' burt has a solution. this stuff is basically tinted chapstick- i know a bunch of companies make things like this, but i can honestly say that this is the best that i've tried. it's moisturizing, and no matter what color you choose, it looks super natural.

eye enhancers. admit it. we all have those kinds of days where it's like 'god, nothing matches my clothes'. that's why i love this stuff. physician's formula put together all of the colors that best complement certain eye colors (this is the brown eye one, but they have sets for blue, green, and hazel as well) in one little palette. this is the smokey eye set, but they also make a little more natural bronzed one. definitely pick this stuff up

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

spring essentials

jambo, friends.
yesss, i've been watching mean girls. again. :)

cage pumps. they're edgy, they're cute, and they really tie in with this whole 80s flashback that seems to be going on. this pair is $90 from aldo, but you can find a pair for a third of the price at forever 21. what a surprise.

vintage dresses. this is a prairie style one, but almost any one that gives off that 'i've-been-sitting-in-grandma's-closet-for-half-a-century' vibe would work. this one is cute, but not overdoing it, and is from forever 21. try your local thrift store for some affordable ones. not that forever 21 isn't...

bomber jackets. again with the whole rocker deal. look at them as the boyfriend blazers for this season. they're everywhere. they can dress up (or down, for that matter) any outfit, and you can score some good faux-leather ones at reasonable prices. this one's from delias.

anything assymetrical. these kinds of pieces are edgy, yet fun. this one has a bat wing sleeve, so it's even more fun. great for a night out. this is from forever 21, but i've seen some nice ones in h&m that aren't quite so...bold.

chain t's. so maybe you think that these are the biggest fashion faux-pas this season, but they're still all over the place. they're some cute ways that you can wear them without looking tacky, so look around on polyvore if you want some ideas. this is from pac sun, but these guys have taken over a lot of other stores too.

something studded. easily the biggest 'trend' this season. it's hard to find something in forever 21 that's not covered in the stuff. that being said, you do want to be careful. you can look like a hot mess if you pair a studded t' with some studded boots, and then some studded bracelets and earrings. and yeah, i've seen it...

to be continued...
shoveling the driveway awaits


spring essentials (continued)

a high waisted skirt. i think i have an unhealthy obsession with these things. they can be dressy. they can be casual. and, skirts are insanely comftorable. and, as if you needed another reason to go to forever 21, it's on sale for $8.99.

something embellished with zippers. i honestly have three words to say about this: so. effin. versatile.

a military sweater. i always hate it when people are like 'run to this store and buy this!'. so i won't say that. but you seriously want to get this. it's on sale in forever 21 for $9. this sweater carries in the whole 'military gone wrong' theme while keeping you warm. what more could you want?

a 'bowed' shirt. these are so cute and add a nice feminine touch to your wardrobe. bows seriously are everywhere this season. this one's embellished with sequins, which also are like the plague in stores like forever 21. this particular top is from delias, but almost any store is bound to have one like this.

some kind of rockerish accessory- it can add some interest to almost any boring outfit. this chain bracelet is especially cute because it's edgy, but not overdone. any studded bracelet or zipper earrings could also have the same effect.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

RANDOM ROUNDUP: wishes, disses, and just plain blaaaah

hola chicas <3

seriously? i think the words 'i need this' would be an understatement.
of course, i don't have 58 bucks to spend on a skirt. fml.

these alexander mcqueen heels are *insane*. don't they seem very lady-gaga-eque to you?

this is the cutest outfit :) i adore the vintage feel, but it doesn't hurt that it comes with a polyvore set too...

$3.80?!?! exactly why i love forever 21

brilliance in a bottle? i think yessss
the shade's seduce me, by the way.

i need this. that's all.

i don't have a diss this week :(


how to flatter: RECTANGLE (banana) SHAPES

bonjour :)

enjoying these 3 snow days in a row...

i promise promise promise this is the last of the polyvore.
quick shoutout to
she's one of my favorite gurus, and thank you so much for following me here :)
please go check her out:

anyways, this is going to be a post on how to flatter rectangular shapes.
if you're a rectangle, you normally have a chest and hips that are the same size, without a defined waist. you also have toned arms and legs.

(links to each item can be found by clicking on the set, which will take you to the polyvore page, where the links are in the side bar)

steal the look:
lace cami- $16 at wet seal
gray cardigan- $19 at wet seal
skinny jeans- $45 at delias
high top converse- $45 at
tote bag- $13 at forever 21
ring- $16 at american eagle outfitters
cluster necklace- $8.50 at pac sun

seriously- i use this cami everywhere! probably because it has a cut that's universally flattering...the buttoned cardigan helps to add some definition to your midsection, while the necklace draws attention into a v-shape, if that makes any sense. the skinny jeans flatter your legs, while the converse are a great go to shoe.

steal the look:
black ruffled tunic- $18 at forever 21
black and gray heels- $60 at aldo shoes
silver slouchy hobo- available at select H&M stores
miso lace leggings- $27 at
twinkle bobby pins- $3.80 at forever 21

this outfit is a little more dressy than the first one. the tunic can be worn a million different ways, and it's a flattering fit because it kind of slouches over your top half, so it doesn't matter that there isn't much definition up there. the heels help to elongate your legs, while the leggings keep you warm.

steal the look:
skinny jeans- $40 at pac sun
floral tunic- $19 at forever 21
metallic sandals- $30 at american eagle outfitters
golden leaf earrings- $6.50 at old navy
peace cuff- $13 at delias

this is a cute casual look that's perfect for the summer. i think i've said before how flattering the empire cut is on any body type- it creates the illusion of curves, even if you don't have any. the big earrings carry the attention up, towards your face, while the shoes keep some interest near your feet. whoa did that sound weird, or what? interest at the feet. ha.

i think i should probably go now....


Sunday, February 7, 2010

flattering outfits for: HOURGLASS SHAPES

so we all know that the hourglass is the 'ideal' shape, right?

well that doesn't mean that hourglass girls don't have trouble flattering their shapes!

hourglass basically means that your hips and chest are symmetrical, and you have a nice defined waist. your legs are also nice and shapely.

(all links are available by clicking on the set, which will take you to the polyvore page, where the links are in the sidebar)

steal the look:
ruffly white top- $18 at forever 21
military blazer- $41 at select H&M stores
straight distressed jeans- $35 at american eagle outfitters
caramel cage pumps- $29 at forever 21
caramel bag- $29 at forever 21
bangle set- $40 at top shop

this is a cool outfit because it combines a lot of several stepped-up basics. the ruffly top shows off your nice chest, while the jacket helps to keep you warm. the cage heel helps to create a nice elongated leg, and the destroyed jeans create a nice edgy look.

steal the look:
high waisted skirt- $20 at forever 21
lacy cami- $16 at wet seal
platform pumps- $26 at forever 21
orange cardigan- $23 by heritage 1981 (f21)
rhinestone ring- $6.80 at forever 21

the main point of this outfit is to show off your tiny waist! high waisted skirts will quickly become your best friend because they help to not only define your waist, but also your curves. the lacy v cut cami helps to show off your top half well, while the platform heels make your legs look miles long.

steal the look:
gray cardigan- $40 at american eagle outfitters
black scoopneck tank top- H&M
fuschia skirt- $18 at forever 21
nautical necklace- at metropark usa
daisy lace leggings- $16 at forever 21

this is a cute dresy outfit, that you could wear out with friends. the high waisted skirt obviously creates some definition, while the boots add to that rockerish feel. the round neck tank and the necklace add focus to your chest area.