Sunday, March 28, 2010

best of the drugstore (part one of ?)

so if you've been following me for a while, you know that me and the drugstore are very good friends. these are some of the best products that i've found so far, but this list will change a lot :)

best foundation

cover girl's clean makeup- $7 at most drugstores, but it's on sale a lot

a good foundation because it's not very thick, and doesn't give you very heavy coverage. it doesn't draw attention to any dry spots on your face, and is breathable. one word of caution- i have dry skin, and this still made my skin glisten, so if your skin is oily, this might not be the best product for you.

best mascara

covergirl's lash blast- $7-8 at drugstores

love the sense of organization, eh? ;) i like this mascara a lot because it has a nice brush, and the formula is one of the best that i've tried. it doesn't flake, and while there can be a clumping issue if you have a heavy hand, you normally won't have a problem. easily the best mascara looming in the drugstore.

best blush

maybelline's dream matte mousse blush in soft plum- $7 at drugstores

my favorite shade is soft plum, but i have a dark complexion. this has a gorgeous consistency, and if you blend it out, it gives you a nice, natural glow. there's a pretty good shade selection too. i like this a lot more than powder blushes.

3 for i don't have an excuse next time, that i don't have something to write about.

and i have a spanish test tomorrow. please pray for me :)


best skin products

heyyy :)

i need to stop not posting...

anyways, these are some of my favorite skincare products. they work for me, at least. i have really dry skin, although lately, it's been getting kind of oily.

cetaphil daily moisturizer- $11 for a huge tub that will last you months
(yes, i realize this is a picture for skin cleanser- i couldn't find any good lotion pictures)

i love this moisturizer because it really is lightweight. i absolutely hate those thick creams that just sit on top of your skin, and feel so heavy. especially with warmer weather coming up, i really recommend this. my skin is super dry, and this keeps it nice and soft for a loong time.

neutrogena oil free acne wash cream cleanser- $7 at drugstores

this is one of the best face wash's i've found because it really has helped to help prevent breakouts. it has sallicylic acid in it, so it promotes skin turnover, and gets any crap out of your pores. one bad thing about this though is that it is very drying- if you don't follow up with a good moisturizer, your skin will be tight and uncomftorable.

brown sugar and baby oil scrub

miracle. seriously. you can make this with stuff that you have in your pantry (and bathroom cabinet). just mix together some brown sugar (or granulated, either would work) and baby oil (you could use olive, but baby works better)until when you pinch the mixture together, it clumps. this is a really good exfoliator, and the baby oil leaves your new skin super soft.

dove nutrium body wash- $5 at drugstores

this body wash is really good because not only does it smell amazing, it really does leave your skin smooth. not silky soft or anything, but it doesn't leave any gross dry patches on your skin.

all for now :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

spring deals you can't afford to miss!

hey there :)

let's start off with american eagle:"

bunch of cute graphic t's and tanks for only $10!

some super cute flats, perfect for spring, on sale at ae for only $11.95. killer deal because ae shoes are super comfy!

this cute little bandeau top is on sale for under $15, as are its bottoms. might not sound like that great of a deal, but it's such a cute little swim suit!

charlotte russe

$19 denim shorts, sunglasses are 2 for $10, and all spring tops are $13.50. niceeee.

this adorable little chambray (very in!) href="">">dress is under $15, and has a cute vintage feel to it.

and then forever 21, which is in a class of its own

everything on this page is absolutely amazing, because it's so much cheaper than forever 21's already cheap prices!

now, for the real kicker, get laura mercier makeup for $4. no joke.

how you ask?

one sec, before i forget, check out this site for great deals...they highlight all the sales. everywhere.

sorry about that.

neiman marcus is offering a $23 laura mercier lip stain for free with any purchase of lm cosmetics. so here's what you do: buy the cheapest thing she makes (a pencil sharpener for $3 and change). and you get a lip stain and sharpener for about $4. with tax! and, free shipping when you use the code btybag

you can also do this with bobbi brown, except that you only get a clear lip gloss :(

lots and lots of cheapo love
lise <3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

why hello there, neglected blogspot

long time no see :(

i've been busy. very busy. my days have consisted of coming home from school, watching tv on hulu, regretting watching tv, and then homework, homework, homework. fml.

on top of that, it's a toasty 65 frickin degrees outside. in the middle of march? seriously? i just want school to be *over*

anyways, to get into the spring spirit, here are some pieces that would be a great addition to your spring wardrobe. and yess, i know i do a million of these, but right now, i honestly don't have a lot of time to spend on blogspot.

also, i have to take a little break from my youtube because a.) i don't have much time b.) i'm almost never home alone anymore because my mom has this month off from work

on with the post...

ruffle top at american eagle outfitters

how cute? it seems like every season ruffles are 'in', but i still think that this is a classic piece. it could be cute and casual, or you could dress it up with a skirt and some heels.

crochet lace tank at american eagle outfitters

i love these kinds of tank tops because you can wear them on their own in summer, and throw on a jacket or cardigan in spring. they're cute, they're fun, and they're just about everywhere.

paris love graphic t at american eagle outfitters

i don't even know why i like this one so much, but i ran out to ae and bought it when it was on sale for $10. let's just say i'm a sucker for anything remotely french.

embellished flats at american eagle outfitters

not the quintessential summer shoes by a long stretch, i still think these guys are cute. when you want a little more polished look, throw them on instead of your regular flip flops, or even gladiators.

shiny detailed skirt at american eagle outfitters

pretty pretty pretty. i love that this little metallic shimmers catch the light when you turn, and look absolutely gorgeous. the pale pastel colors also make this skirt perfect for spring.

rose flower dress at forever 21

this dress is gorgeous. i love big floral prints (although they look terrible on me), and the high waisted skirt kind of mediates the overwhelming print. it's cute how the people at forever 21 paired it with a long necklace- it looks stunning, doesn't it?

black and white lace dress at forever 21

another dress that i absolutely adore. ties in with the whole vintage look, no? very cute, and of course, very affordable!

floral tank top at forever 21

this shirt yells summer in my face. which is exactly why i love it so much. it's one of the prettiest floral tops i've yet to see. like i said before, it would still look great with a simple cardi or jacket on top.

all for now


Thursday, March 11, 2010

new vidddddd :)

lol i love this thumbnail!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


why hello there :)

new season of america's next top model starts today. guilty pleasure, i know.

this is going to be a review on one of the most talked about products ever: maybelline's great lash mascara.

you can get this anywhere maybelline products are sold. i picked mine up at rite aid for about $5.

it comes in different shades of blacks, blues, and browns, as well as clear. you can choose between waterproof and regular, and also if you want a curved brush.

let me start off by saying that i don't like this mascara. i mean, it's obviously not the worst mascara i've ever tried (looking at you, telescopic explosion), but it doesn't deserve all of the hype that it gets.

oh, and i will post a youtube video on this, btdubs

anyways, this stuff was really clumpy on me. and, the brush was tiny, like the size of my fingernail or something. other than that, it really wasn't that interesting.

the formula is decent, not super flakey or run off-y. one of my greatest issues with this mascara is that it takes foreeverr to dry. if you want to layer on this mascara, be ready to set aside the better part of your morning.

so yessss, if you have any requests, let me know :)


Monday, March 8, 2010

new video :)

REVIEW: soft lips chapstick

ahh, softlips

you've probably heard of it from some guru (like juicystar07 or xteeener). it's this heaven in a tube called softlips.

there are three main 'types' of softlips:

these are the original kind, and they come in cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and vanilla. in some combo packs, you can get special flavors, like mint with vanilla. the scents are all pretty dead on.

these are the tinted softlips. there's also a bronze one that isn't pictured, but the two above are pearl and rose. i'm not a huge fan of these but i'll get into that in a sec.

these are the softlips 'pure', the organic kind. most of these were actually discontinued, and the two that they replaced the collection with are honeydew and pomegranate.

i own from the:
original line- vanilla, raspberry, cherry, mint with vanilla
tinted line- pearl and rose
pure line- mint and chai tea (both discontinued)

these really are great chapsticks. what i love about them are the tingle that you get when you first put them on. it's very...refreshing. these are white in the tube, but come on clear. overall, one of my favorite chapsticks.

i really am not that thrilled with these. the amount of tint that you get is so miniscule, you might as well not even call it tinted. it barely gives you a pearl like shine. the scent also isn't that amazing, mostly because it is unidentifiable.

all of the flavors i have have been discontinued. however, you probably can still find them in stores. i really like the mint one because it's so refreshing and clean. the chai tea, on the other hand, doesn't really have much flavor.

price- varies between $3 and $4, but is currently on sale at rite aid for $.99!!!!!
quantity- all varieties except for pure come with two to a pack


Saturday, March 6, 2010

RANDOM ROUNDUP: wishes, disses, and just plain blaaaah

hey :)

oh my effing god. seriously? i think it's official that the bachelor is the most staged tv show in the history of television. vienna? really?

forever 21- $12.80

i have no idea where i'd wear these but they're just so gorgeous. very europeanique. and yesss, i make up words. i think we've already established my vocabulary sucks.

american eagle outfitters- $40

how gorgeous? too bad itt's about $20 overpriced. that's the one thing i hate about ae, everything there is so expensive! i'll wait for a sale...

pretty pathetic post, right?