Sunday, November 1, 2009

TREND ALERT!: How to Wear the Slouchy Boot

Hello there my lovely readers :)

So I'm going to borrow heavily from Wet Seal for this one, but at least I have a post, right?

Slouchy boots are just about everywhere, and they're an essential because they go with just about everything. Pair them with some skinny jeans and a t'shirt for an effortless look, or some tights and a high-waisted skirt for a more edgy one.
This particular pair of boots is from Wet Seal, and I know, I know, red boots aren't that amazing, and they do have these in other colors, but the red is the only one that shows the true 'slouch' factor. So bare with me a bit. I love this pair because it's affordable (something along the lines of 28 bucks) but still looks cute. Most slouchy boots look like this, so if you don't have this exact pair, you can still use some of the outfits:

For a very chic look, pair some gray or black slouchy boots with denim skinny jeans, a purple sweater, gold chain necklace, and a beret. Berets are very in this season, and boots go perfectly with them!

For a more casual look, pair some bright colored boots with denim jeans and a blue and white striped shirt or sweater. The boots will add a nice splash of color to the look.

Another great way to wear slouchy boots is with patterned tights. Patterned tights, high waisted skirts, tank tops, cardigans, and boots all look great together!

So I know this was a pretty pathetic entry, but I just needed to get *something* up.
I'm sorry I wasted that precious 5 minutes of your life :(


elledee said...

I love those! I just bought these slouchy boots: