Monday, November 9, 2009

Huge Thanks and Update

Hey there :)

So first of all, I have a *huge* thank you due to gclauds, ogoshitistash, and GLAMondemand13. They all are amazing people who helped me get some new subscribers to this blog. Definitely check out their channels on You Tube (just and then their username). They all are amazing at what they do (and they all are incredibly nice people)- GLAMondemand13 and ogoshitistash both have amazing makeup tutorials, and gclauds has some great tips and a cool sense of style.

As for the update, I'm really busy with school work right now so I think it might be a while (maybe until Friday) until I can get another post up. It totally kills me but I have so many papers and labs to finish, and on top of that, I might be transferring to a private HS next year, so I need to study for my ISEEs!

Thanks for sticking with me through all this, and I *promise* that I will try very hard to get some posts up. If you guys could tell me what you want, like more trend reports and stuff, in the comments, that would be absolutely amazing!

Oh, and before I forget, I'm going to be using my normal You Tube channel ( and make it a Guru channel. So check it out around Friday or Saturday, because hopefully, I'll have some videos up by then!

Thanks :)


Tasha said...

aw thanks for the shoutout girl! your so sweet :) I am planning on making my fall/winter fashion video tomorrow or wednesday, if not DEFINATELY friday. SOOOO I'll put the link to your blog in the sidebar :) LOVE YOUR POSTS GIRL! KEEP IT UP!