Monday, November 9, 2009

Stila Makeup

Okay, I lied. I am going to put some posts up. Blogging gets priority over English papers. Hands down.

So I know that this is supposed to be about the 'fashion world' but most of my followers also have makeup videos on their You Tube channels, so I thought that I'd share this with you, my Stila haul.

I just ordered this stuff online, but it's all stuff I've gotten before. I'm doing this blog now because I *know* I won't do it later. I haven't bought makeup in a long time, so I kind of splurged, but I had money on hand (lots of babysitting!). Cover-up Stick ($20)- this is the only cover-up stick that has ever touched my face, and for good reason. It's not oily at all, and doesn't clog your pores like some cover-ups can. It's great for those under eye circles you get, and it's easy to blend into your skin. I'm shade C.Glitter Eyeliner ($6)- I bought this last year at this time too because I thought it was such a fun thing to have on hand for the holiday season. I have it in purple silver, and I have to say, I'm very impressed by it. It's easy to get a precise line, and there's hardly any smudging. This time, I picked it up in golden silver.

Holiday Lip Glaze Collection ($25)- I was so excited about this one because each year Stila comes out with a new collection. It's a great deal, because you can try out 8 different shades, and find the ones that you like. I already have four of the colors (kitten, starfruit, blackberry, and cranberry) because those aren't new, but the new ones are plum fairy, candy, marmalade, and pinkle twinkle. All of the new ones and kitten are mostly sheer, and the other three are tinted. My favorite out of the ones I've tried is kitten because it's the perfect sheer color, and you can layer colors under it too.