Saturday, November 21, 2009

Fall Makeup Trends

So I'm branching out. Into makeup :)

I haven't seen a lot of things out there about fall makeup trends, so here's one...

Purple Eyeshadows- anything from a baby lavender to a rich plum. Purples are great for any time of day: they can look elegant at night, or casual for the day. One thing I really like is smokey eyes made with different shades of purples- gorgeous!

Glossy- kind of vague, but I have seen glossy eyeshadows in addition to lips. It's a funky look that can look really sophisticated. To try out the glossy eyeshadow, mix some of your favorite eyeshadow or pigment with some Vaseline. For a really glossy lip gloss, I recommend MAC's Dazzleglass.

Chocolates- deep chocolate browns are so pretty on nails, and maybe even lips if you can pull it off. Chocolate eyes would look stunning with a plum colored dress or something.

See you soon :)