Saturday, June 19, 2010

perhaps a new idea... (and a rather boring rant)

hello darlings :)

sorry about the lack of posts lately. i've just been kind of...frustrated. i feel like i work really hard on this blog and people don't read it, but hard work *does* pay off. i guess it just takes some time. i want to thank each and every one of you for following this blog. i wouldn't do this without you. you guys are amazing :)

sorry about that.

anyways, ever since i've started working for spending money, i've become super-stingy. i just feel like there's not much of a point wasting money on makeup i might never wear. a girl can always dream, right?

so i want to introduce a little section every sunday (beginning of the week) highlighting the week's sales in drugstores. objections?

i won't talk about sales, since it's obvious a little late for that, but coupons are always nice :)

for those of you who missed my post about rite aid video values, scroll down to read about that amazing program.

one website i really like frequenting for coupons is it's totally safe (no viruses or stuff, they even send a flyer out to most homes!). they currently have $1 off garnier, l'oreal, and rimmel coupons. these are great to have stashed up your sleeve when those 75% off stickers start to make an appearance :)

the final website i love is it's a blog about a woman who finds all the best finds of the drugstores, and is nice enough to share them with us :)