Sunday, June 6, 2010

40 questions tag

hey girlies :)
just an update- i'm going to be super busy for the next week and a half- end of school!

how many times do you wash your face daily?
usually only once, because if i wash it any more than that, it becomes a dry gross mess. after i work out, though, i always use warm water and soap.

what skin type do you have?
it changes, but for the most part, dry. every once in a while it gets kind of oily.

what is your current facial wash?
clean and clear deep action cream cleanser. love!

do you exfoliate?
yep! i save it as a treat at an end of the week if i worked out everyday :)

what brand do you use?
either the neutrogena one that comes in the orange bottle or good old sugar and baby oil

what moisturizer do you use?
cetaphil daily moisture cream, or something like that

do you have freckles?

do you use eye cream?

did you or do you have acne prone skin?
i used to, but this clean and clear face wash really helped turn it around!

have you ever had to use proactive?
no, thank god

what foundation do you use?
covergirl clean makeup

how about concealer?
MAC studio sculpt

do you know your undertone color?
not for sure

what do you think of fake eyelashes?
cute, sometimes

did you know you're supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?
yeah, but i'm a rebel

what brand of mascara do you use?
buxom lash

sephora or mac?
veryy close, but mac wins

do you have a mac pro card?

what tools do you use in makeup application?
fingers, brushes, sponges

do you use makeup base/primer for your eyes?
yep! udpp!

for the face?
the l'oreal studio secrets one. you have to try it out!

what is your favorite eyeshadow?
MAC mythology

pencil or liquid liner?
pencil for casual, liquid for formal

how often do you poke yourself with eyeliner?
rarely, actually

what do you think of pigment shadows?
much to finnicky for me

do you use mineral makeup?
no, it's not friends with my dry skin

what is your favorite lipstick?
MAC viva glam v or nyc lasting lip color in lilac dream

how about lipgloss?
really not a gloss person

favorite blush to use?
almay smart shade, the one in the tube

do you buy your makeup on ebay?

do you like drugstore makeup?
people always give it a bad name, but i love it!

do you go to cco's?
not really

did you ever consider taking makeup classes?

are you clumsy in putting on makeup?
it depends on the time of day :)

name a makeup crime
drawn on eyebrows, too much eyeliner, flaky mascara, blue eyeshadow, light frosty lipsticks

colorful shades of makeup or neutral?
definitely neutral!

which celebrity always has great makeup?
shailene woodley

if you could leave the house using one makeup item, what would it be?

could you leave the house without anything on?
hmm...yes! what do you think the weekends are?!?!

do you look good without makeup on?
depends on the day

in your opinion, what is the best makeup line?
high end- MAC low end- revlon

what do you think of makeup?
fun to pass the time!