Friday, December 18, 2009

Finally! A Legit Post!

Hey there :)

So I've been thinking about a couple of things, and wanted some feedback:
a. I was going to do a Christmas Wish List video for my YouTube account. Good or bad idea?
b. What about a Christmas present video?

And, I definitely will be getting more posts up because I'm *finally* out for winter break. And it's snowing outside :) I want to be a little cliche and curl up by the fireplace with hot chocolate and watch TV...

Anyways, this post will be on one of the hottest fashion trends right now: bows!

gclauds posted a video about bows on YouTube:

Bows are on almost accessory (or piece of clothing for that matter) that you can think of. Which is good, because bows can take any boring thing, and instantly make it cute.

How adorable is this dress?! It has a nice big bow at the top, and some ruffly shoulders to help complete the whole vintage theme. It could look adorable with some tights, don't you think? This one is from Forever 21 and is only $29!

I adore bow headbands because they instantly transform any plain outfit. They're also especially easy to make (just cover an old plastic headband with some satiny ribbon and make a bow to attach), but for only $3.80, you can afford to buy this one from Forever 21 ;)
Perfect. This is so pretty. Bow cardigans are great for dressing up a plain old dress, and they're nice for keeping warm in the wintertime. This one is from Forever 21, and it's only $24.80!!!!!
Bow rings can be great for statement pieces, especially if they're kind of big. This one is so cute, and it would look so pretty with almost anything! This one is from Forever 21 and was only a couple of bucks.
Bow belts can be great for not only defining your figure, but adding some flair to a boring dress. Again this one is from Forever 21, and was ridiculously cheap.

That's all for now....see you soon :)

I have not been paid for this review by Forever 21, nor is my opinion biased. I bought all products with my own money.